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The Rad Reader Christmas Calendar Book Lists

I’ve been so thrilled at the response to the Rad Reader Christmas Calendar – it’s such a delight to know that THOUSANDS of families are using it this holiday season!

(If you haven’t downloaded a free copy yet, you can grab it here!)

Christmas book lists

Because there is a reading activity every day, I wanted to make it easy for you to find great books that go along with each day. I’ve spent the past month creating a book list to go along with each themed day and I hope it’ll be helpful as you pick books to read with your children each day in December!

And naturally, some days don’t require a book list (for instance “Day 7: Make a cozy fort and read inside”). Feel free to choose any Christmas or winter book you’d like for those days. If you need some suggestions, here’s this year’s list of 24 Christmas picture books!

Also, you can do these in any order you’d like – don’t feel like you have to be constrained by the numbers!

Christmas book lists

The Rad Reader Christmas Calendar Book Lists

  1. Drink hot cocoa while you read
  2. A book about Christmas trees
  3. Ask a librarian for a recommendation
  4. A Christmas book your parent loved
  5. A book about Santa
  6. A Christmas book with a movie adaptation
  7. Make a cozy fort and read inside
  8. A book about snowmen
  9. A search and find Christmas book
  10. Make snowflakes and read a book about snow
  11. A 12 days of Christmas book
  12. A book set in another country
  13. A Christmas book published this year
  14. Make cookies and munch while you read
  15. Color while you read
  16. A book about reindeer
  17. Read by candlelight
  18. Invite a friend or family member over to read with you
  19. Skype in grandparents or cousins to read with you
  20. A nutcracker book
  21. Sing a Christmas song before you read
  22. A nativity story
  23. An animal Christmas book
  24. A Night before Christmas book

I hope those Christmas book lists make it even easier and more fun to spend a few minutes every day in the hustle of the holiday season snuggling up with your child and enjoy a Christmas story together.

And if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer!

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Christmas book lists

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  1. Okay, I feel really dumb, but I’m having trouble printing this out at a larger size! I tried to print it as 11×17, and it printed on that size paper, but the calendar was 8.5×11 on the 11×17 paper! Help, please!

  2. Janssen- I feel really sheepish for asking but my daughter and I have looked a few times… and we cannot find the the number 5 on the calendar today? Can you give us a hint where to look?

  3. You have no idea- how much better I feel! Also think you for linking the answers- I missed that! This has been such a blessing to our family. The sweetest day so far was going to our library and asking our favorite librarians for their recommendations. It made both their day and ours. Thank you for such an amazing resource!

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