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  • Black + floral + denim jacket
    Fashion Pregnancy

    The Last Pregnancy Photos

    It’s just the weirdest thing to have a baby and then look back at pregnancy photos and think, “It was YOU in there all this time!” In the hallway by our kitchen, there’s a…

  • Pregnancy

    A Fourth Birth Story

    I generally only have a little bit of nerves about giving birth, but this time was definitely the most stressful for me. For one, after Star’s lightning fast birth in the triage room, I’ve…

  • Pregnancy

    She’s Here!

      On Thursday night, one day after her due date, this little lady made her grand appearance. She weighed in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces (which makes her our second smallest baby), and measured…

  • Pregnancy

    Prepping for Baby

    With this baby’s due date past now, I’m definitely in final nesting and prep mode. I remember before Ella was born, crying in the living room of our tiny Boston apartment that we didn’t…

  • Jeans + ballet flats + bright sweater
    Fashion Pregnancy

    Full term

    Tomorrow is my due date. It’s completely wild that this pregnancy is coming to an end. Overall, I’d say this has been my easiest pregnancy – I’ve been the least tired and had the…

  • Fashion Pregnancy

    38 Weeks

    Going to Palm Springs this past week felt like the last major event before I had this baby. Even though I’m tired of being pregnant at this point (hello, heartburn, poor sleeping, and all…

  • Fashion Pregnancy

    Gray and Black

    It’s so crazy that I only have about a month left of this pregnancy (give or take, since my babies like to come whenever they want, and when they want has always been LATE).…