38 Weeks

Going to Palm Springs this past week felt like the last major event before I had this baby.

Even though I’m tired of being pregnant at this point (hello, heartburn, poor sleeping, and all the other delightful parts of those last weeks of pregnancy), I didn’t want to have the baby yet, because I really wanted to go to Alt Summit.

I wasn’t particularly worried that I’d have a baby while I was gone, since I was only 37 weeks and my other babies have all been born well past the 40 week mark (41 weeks and 1 day, 41 weeks, and 40 weeks and 4 days), but everyone at Alt kept saying how I was about to have a baby any minute, and they couldn’t believe I was there at 37 weeks.

Which meant that when I came home on Friday, I felt like “Now Alt is over and I can have a baby anytime!” Plus, everyone there made me feel like I was about ten seconds from giving birth (in the nicest ways possible).

And now I’m facing probably another three weeks of pregnancy which, if you’ve ever been pregnant, know that three weeks at the end of pregnancy is actually more like one hundred weeks.

I still have quite a few things to finish up before this baby is born, so there’s plenty to do, but now I have to get back in the mindset of expecting to be late.

With Ella, it just felt UNENDING with that extra eight days.

With Ani, I knew there was a possibility she’d be late (my doctor said she was sure I’d be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital and then Ani wasn’t born until a solid week into December), so it wasn’t quite as bad, although still frustrating because I secretly hoped that having given birth once, my body would know how to make it happen a second time around.

With Star, we’d just moved into a new house in North Carolina, so I was frantically trying to finish things up before she was born, plus I was certain I’d be late, so I don’t remember being really bothered at all when my due date came and went (and then, of course, I actually went into labor by myself for the first time, with my water breaking on our way to dinner the night before my scheduled induction).

I’m trying to channel that same zen mindset I had with Star, and just expect no baby until the end of the month or even very early March.

Some moments I’m successful. Others. . . not so much.


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  1. Oh, friend, that last week (and then the week I go overdue!) I always feel certifiably crazy. Just pack me away to the funny farm, because I can no longer handle life. Good luck!

  2. You look fantastic!!! I especially love that hairstyle – so unique! Glad you were able to enjoy one last little event away – and hope these next few weeks go well!

  3. I’m not wishing going into March on you at all, but it would mean your girls would all still have their own birthday month, right?

    My youngest was born at the end of August – I had a pick of a few days to be induced and my mom still thinks I should have waited until September so all three of my girls have their own birth month. Obviously she had forgotten how uncomfortable being 40 weeks pregnant is.

  4. This was always the hardest part of pregnancy for me. Both of my kids were 41 weekers, so those last few weeks of “any time!” but really “three more weeks!” were kind of agony. You look amazing and I love this braid on you. Here’s hoping the next few days and weeks pass quickly for you!

  5. With my second I was due February 23 ( I think…). I said I would be surprised if the baby came before March. Sure enough he was born March 1st. With my third I knew I would go over, but he was 9 days late and it was rough once I passed the 5 days late mark. I feel your pain, so rough. Especially when people keep saying “Any day now!”

  6. My first baby was overdue by 4 days, so I naturally thought my second one would be, too. But, he was 10 days early! By the time I was pregnant with my third, I thought my body knew what to do and that I would be early again. Not so. She arrived 10 days after my due date, so I feel your pain! Those last days are SO long. Hang in there! You look great and I wish you the best!

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