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  • Fashion

    5 Things Saving My Sanity Right Now

    Our Thanksgiving guests come this weekend and then I feel like it’s full-throttle on to the holidays. Last year, I was exhausted by my pregnancy, both physically and mentally, and I wasn’t at my…

  • Fashion Holidays

    A Christmas Date

      I feel like right now is the calm before the holiday storm. Right now, we don’t have many things on the calendar, the only decorations up are my minimal Thanksgiving ones, and I’m…

  • Fashion

    My #1 Trick for Using thredUP

    Any time I wear something from thredUP (which, let’s be honest, is about 95% of the time, if not more), inevitably, someone asks, “How do you find good things on there? I’m so overwhelmed…

  • Fashion

    A Pair of Sunglasses Went for a Walk

    Do you have items that inevitably seem to get lost? For me, it’s sunglasses. I don’t lose my keys or my phone or library books very often, but sunglasses? They seem to have legs…

  • Fashion

    Seven Good Things Right Now

    My heart was so heavy yesterday after waking up to hear about the shooting in Las Vegas. All of the tragedies in the past few months have made the world seem so bleak, and…

  • Fashion Home Life

    The Secret to Balancing It All

    In the last couple of weeks, I’ve done two podcast interviews and both times, the question, “What’s your secret for balancing everything?” came up. In both cases, I felt a little dumb because I…