What I Wore in Japan

I have very clear goals when I pack for a trip:

  1. I want to look nice and put together
  2. I want to be comfortable
  3. I want to feel like ME
  4. I don’t want to take (very many) things that I bring back unused

So I try to remember that even if I’m on the other side of the globe, I’m likely to still like wearing the same kinds of outfits I wear at home, which makes packing pretty quick and easy.

Two quick notes:

  • I used this belt bag every single day of our trip. It was perfect for hands-free traveling, big enough to fit my phone, wallet, sunglasses, Kindle, and a snack in, but not so big that I was tempted to pack in way more than I needed. Plus, it has a nice, polished look that I love. Use the code JANSSEN.
  • I wore these sunglasses our whole trip. They’re nice and light and don’t pinch my head even after hours of wear.

With that said, here’s what I wore on our trip to Japan:

travel wear for women

Wednesday/Thursday (very long travel day):

  • Black Senita Jumpsuit. I could write a sonnet about how much I love this jumpsuit for travel days. I know some people just cannot imagine wearing a jumpsuit on a plane (“what about going to the bathroom???”) but it’s an extra ten seconds and I have plenty of time in an airplane bathroom and there’s nothing to come untucked, flap open, or otherwise be a nuisance. Basically it’s like wearing pajamas but looking put together. Use the code EVERYDAYREADING.
  • Trench coat. This was a perfect travel coat because it’s lightweight, long enough to act as a blanket and soft (unlike the jean jacket I originally intended to wear). Mine is an older version of this one.
  • Leopard Sneakers. These laceless sneakers are old but comfortable and have some fun patterns that pop up the rest of my neutral outfit.

travel wear for women

Friday (exploring Kyoto):

  • Striped Everlane Tee. This is a classic basic and if I hadn’t dripped something on it at dinner, I was planning to wear it with my red skirt later in the week.
  • Madewell Vintage Jeans. I bought these jeans earlier this year and they quickly became a staple – perfect fit and a great cut.
  • White Leather Ecco Sneakers. Buckle up – you’re going to see these sneakers a LOT on this list.

travel wear for women

Saturday (exploring Osaka):

Sunday (visiting friends and attending church in Kobe):

Monday (visiting Hiroshima and Miyojima):

  • Black Ribbed Madewell dress. This was a thredUp find a year or so ago and I love it so much – perfectly casual but just some nice details that make it extra special, like the ribbing and the longer sleeves.
  • Denim Jacket. I was glad to have this along when we went to Miyojima and the ferry was pretty breezy!
  • White Leather Ecco Sneakers. Another day of these beloved sneakers.

Tuesday (Bullet train to Tokyo and exploring Tokyo): 

Wednesday (exploring Tokyo):

  • Black tee.This tee is definitely on the pricey side, but it’s a great thin fabric that’s easy to tuck into jeans or a skirt without getting bunch or making weird lines.
  • Madewell crepe button front skirt. I bought this on thredUP a few months ago and it was a perfect traveling skirt (I did use a steamer on it from the hotel because it was pretty wrinkly from being folded up for nearly a week).
  • White Leather Ecco Sneakers. And one more day of these sneakers.

Thursday (exploring Tokyo and then a long travel day home):

  • Black Senita Jumpsuit. I went back to this jumpsuit for the flight home (I changed at the airport – I’d been wearing the same jeans from Saturday and a black tee in the morning – before I checked my luggage) and was so glad I did for the hours we spent on planes and in airports.
  • Trench coat. And again, this trench was perfect for acting as a light layer and a good size blanket on the plane.
  • Purple Kizik Sneakers. This time, I went with my purple Kiziks with the jumpsuit. Use the code JANSSEN.

Any other questions about what I wore on our Japan trip? Happy to answer!

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  1. Do you regret bringing 3 pairs of sneakers since you mostly wore the white ones? Or were you happy to have more options?

    1. No regrets! I had plenty of space in my suitcase and I still wore all three pairs, so it didn’t feel like a waste for me. Plus, I don’t like to only have ONE pair of shoes because if they get soaked or start hurting my feet, I have options.

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