My Boating Uniform

Last summer, we bought a ten-year-old boat and it’s been such a fun part of the last two summers for our family.

We love inviting family and friends to join us and it’s a great way to get outdoors, strengthen relationships and have fun together.

Over the last two summers, we’ve had lots of practice getting everything together for a lake day (or evening) and I’ve slowly figured out a good boating uniform that’s practical, comfortable, and cute.

Here’s what my boat clothes look like:

boat clothes

I have a pretty good collection of swimsuits but this is hands-down my favorite boating swimsuit. The high neckline and good shoulder and back coverage means I need much less sunscreen and don’t have to worry as much about getting fried in the sun and it doesn’t ride up or move around even when I’m surfing. Somehow it manages all that without being frumpy!  Right now it’s on sale for 25% off with the code SALE25 (I have both the leopard and the olive versions).

I love the look of denim shorts but on a boat, they’re generally a miss – they’re hard to get on and off (especially if they get wet) and they take forever to dry. I bought my pair of Under Armour board shorts from thredUp years ago and can’t find that they’re sold anymore, but this pair is pretty similar.


I’ve waxed poetic about these sandals before, but I’ve never taken a boat trip without them in the past two years – they’re waterproof, cute, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off. I love them so much (once or twice a summer, I run them through the washing machine to get off any dirt and smudges).

These are my favorite sunglasses for a boat trip – lightweight and don’t squeeze my head. I got my first pair about three years ago and somehow lost them this spring and ordered a second pair because I love them so much (and they still haven’t shown up so I’m glad I replaced them!).

boat clothes

When we bought our boat, I ordered five of these hats and we use them constantly on the boat (and kids and adults that come along often borrow them!). They can handle getting wet, the cord keeps them in place even when it’s windy or we’re going fast, and they provide great coverage from the sun.



Especially if we’re going boating in the evening, I like to take a lightweight sweatshirt to keep me warm as the sun goes down. This is my favorite one – not too thick or bulky and such a great fit.




Bart bought us each one of these last summer and they’re so great for keeping your phone and keys in so you can go hands-free without worrying about things getting wet. I forgot to take mine a few weeks ago and missed it very much – they’re so handy!


I don’t always wear earrings when we boat, but when I want to look a little less drowned-rat and a little more put together, these are my go-to ones. They’re small but fun and stay in great. (My code is JANSSEN).


We bought wetsuits for everyone in the family to extend our boating season both at the beginning and end of summer when the water isn’t very warm. This one has been great and my sister and sister-in-law both used it and raved about it when we were in Bear Lake this summer and the water was NOT warm.


Any other questions about boat clothes or accessories? Happy to answer in the comments!


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