Matchy Matchy

Last week, I was all about the matching lipstick and nail polish.

This week, my lipstick and shoes are matching. Living on the wild side over here.

And I traded in the nail polish for Jamberry nail stickers, which I’ve been meaning to try out since Kayla and I tried a bunch of brands last summer. They are definitely better than any of the ones I tested last year.

When I went to the library this week, the children’s librarian was looking something up for me and I commented on how cute her nails were (white and silver stripes) and she said “They’re Jamberry!” and then I showed her my nails and we had a nice little moment of Jamberry love.

Then she went and found the book on hold for me that was hiding in the back room.

Jeans: Shopbop
Shirt: Target
Shoes: c/o Old Navy
Jamberry Nails: c/o Jams by Gnat
Watch: c/o JORD

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  1. You look darling! I am going to be delivering my 2nd within the next FIVE days and it is crazy! I'm not planning on having anymore after this one but never say never. I explain that because I will likely not need maternity clothes again but your jeans were just so dang cute I had to check further into them. Ummm, really… did you pay $178 for maternity jeans?!?!?!?

    1. I had a gift certificate so I only ended up paying for them about what a regular pair of maternity jeans cost and they are WAY the most expensive pair of pants I've ever owned. But I will say they are way nicer than my other maternity jeans and I've worn them about 3-4 times a week my whole pregnancy (they don't get saggy or stretched out – I think this was my third time wearing them in these photos between washes). But still. . .that price tag.

  2. Love that shirt! Also, just wondering, were you planning on doing a 4th quarter reading report and link up? (Not to add to your busy life, no pressure if you're not. I was just wondering.)

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