Sisters Share It All: One Hour Refashion

A friend of mine recently went through her closet and offered up everything to any willing takers. I only took a couple of things, but this dress was one of them.

And then it sat in my closet for many weeks until Landen suggested a one hour refashioning project for this week’s Sisters Share it All.

See, I can’t wear dresses right now (thank you, nursing), and the top part of the dress was too big, and also it was too long and made my legs look stumpy. But the skirt part was gray (I own way too many gray skirts (and those aren’t even all of them – I can think of at least three more off the top of my head that I don’t have photos of), but this one was STRIPED gray, so, you know, completely justified).

Also, I’m really into skirts with wide and high-ish waistbands because they make you look really thin and cover any lower-stomach post-pregnancy unpleasantness.

So I cut the stitching holding the top to the skirt (and chucked the top), then unpicked the fabric around the hem of the skirt too. Happily, because of the way it was made, I didn’t even have to rehem the bottom.

Then, because the skirt was still a little loose, I sewed one straight seam down one side, taking it in about an inch.

And, voila! A new gray skirt. Now I have one for every day of the week (if a week had eight days).

I also love that it can be somewhat dressy or very casual. You know, in case I had to pick only ONE gray skirt to make do with.

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  1. you and your sisters are so cute and so skilled! I definitely need to develop more sewing skills. And get a sewing machine. My closet is FULL of skirts I love but they haven't fit since before I was pregnant the first time(they are all too big)

  2. Like you have any post pregnancy unpleasantness. Your hair is looking amazing in these photos, btw. Almost as good as real life.

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