Winter Challenge: Bright Colors

My hair is eating my head in this picture.

Also, this was a day for closet orphans – the shirt is one Ralphie gave me ages ago and I’ve never worn, this necklace I bought at Claire’s YEARS ago for fifty cents and have worn all of twice, and this sweater I bought a few months ago and have struggled to make work (from the photos on the website, I was sure I was ordering a YELLOW sweater. Clearly, it wasn’t yellow).

But, surprisingly, I’m pretty happy with this outfit. Maybe some orphans deserve to be adopted.

Shirt: Gap (from Ralphie), Sweater: Downeast Basics,
Jeans: American Eagle, Necklace: Claire’s, Shoes: Target
(sometimes you can find a current Target promotional code for shoes)


I’m participating in Kayla’s Winter Challenge. Check it out on her blog:

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  1. Well, I like the sweater even if it isn't yellow. I like the shoes too. This might have been a good challenge for me too. I have a horrible habit of only wearing blacks and grays I feel so weird in bright colors.

  2. I absolutely love your head-eating hair, and I am so glad you took those tops out of orphanage. You know how much I love pink and it looks SO good on you. (I am once again 2 days late with the challenge, oy!)

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