January Favorites

  • Downton Abbey. Y’all are watching this, right? I way missed the boat on the first season and now I’m wondering why no one shook me and said “hey, you’re missing some freaking fantastic television here, you idiot.” Watching it with Bart is a highlight of my week. Will pretty much die when this season is over.
  • The LibroVoce social. My book club had an evening where all the husbands were invited along and we had a really fantastic evening, with plenty of food and lots of great discussion. It was fun for me to have Bart meet all these women I admire.
  • How pretty my hot cocoa cookies were. I didn’t actually love how they tasted (too much marshmallow), but I loved how they looked.
  • Chop, Chop Magazine. This is a quarterly magazine about cooking healthy food with and for kids. My lovely friend Meghan gave me several issues of it and I have loved reading through them. Don’t you need friends who introduce you to new and interesting things?
  • These new favorite lemon squares (not so tart, really easy, and a nice texture). If you aren’t reading A Hint of Honey, you ought to be. It’s one of my favorite food blogs.
  • Red suede wedges. I bought these about a month ago and now I cannot imagine how I used to get dressed. 
  • When I was making cookies on the table while Ella sat next to me and she kept trying to grab the cookie dough off the pan. I said, “Stop that! Don’t touch those. Take your hand away.” So she promptly pulled her hand into her lap and leaned her head down to get the cookie dough with her mouth. 
  • A great little date night with Bart downtown that included an amazing bowl of butternut squash soup. Also a brownie with Amy’s ice cream. Hard to beat. Bless Landen and Adam for babysitting.
  • An Amano chocolate bar. This was in the stockings on Christmas morning at Bart’s parents and I made it last the entire month (it helped to not share with Bart).
  • Ella’s new habit of sitting in the fridge and drinking her juice anytime I open the fridge.
  •  New couch pillows from my mom. A nice (and needed) splash of color in our living room. 

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  1. True to form (my form, that is) I am most interested in the yummy parts of this post. But I do love the photo of your little couch model! And how cute that she was trying to eat the cookies off the pan with her mouth. Clever little one!

  2. Downton Abbey!!! I missed watching the first season but was able to catch up with back to back episodes while down with the flu. Bless Netflix online! Now Hubs and I watch together every week. Is it Sunday yet?!

    p.s. I read Room and Unbroken, thanks to your book recommendations. Loved Unbroken, but felt a twinge of "so what was the purpose?" after Room. It was good but I feel like I missed the boat on that one.

  3. YES!! to Downton! I absolutely love it!
    YES!! to red suede wedges! Those are fab!
    YES!! to the adorable Ella and her wiley ways. Cookie dough is cookie dough and is not to be trifled with. 😉


  4. Oh my goodness, your daughter is so cute – the cookie dough, sitting in the fridge, and that couch picture! Too much! And YES to Downton Abbey. I also missed Season 1 on PBS and caught up on Netflix, and when my husband watched with me? Well, it was all over from there – we are hooked. We too will be devastated when this season ends, but thankfully they will be coming back with more!

  5. I am stealing this idea and going to do a post on my own January loves. Hope you don't mind 🙂

    I LOVE the mental image of Ella sitting in the fridge!

  6. Love this! I'm stealing, too! (Do you mind?)

    Nothing standing between Ella and her cookie dough is so, so funny.

  7. When I put food in my hand and offer it to Ike, even if it is flat in my palm, he still will sometimes just eat it out of my hand instead of using his own hands. But that story with Ella tops it.

    Also, we love Downton Abbey.

  8. Wow, those are the kind of shoes I'd probably turn my nose up at and not give a second look but they are actually really cute! And I love you in them.

    And I love Ella's little Y shirt. 🙂 Jack is going to be stuffed into his fair share of BYU clothing, poor child.

  9. LOVE Downton Abbey…watching it right now, actually. (last week's episode) My husband can't stand it-he hates how the servants sometimes aren't treated well. Sadly, was how it was back then I believe. Those cookies look amazing and the shoes are adorable! I also just got some pillows to add some color to my living room. Crazy how much difference a pillow or two can make!

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