February Favorites

  • These leopard shoes. I know, more shoes. I can’t help my love. They are like wearing slippers to the grocery store.
  • Welch’s Natural Strawberry Spread. I don’t have many requirements for jam – I want it to not have HFCS, I don’t want it to have food coloring, and I don’t want it to cost a million dollars. Also, when it’s strawberry jam, I don’t want it too chunky. Okay, maybe I have a lot of requirements. But this one meets it. Come to me, English Muffins.
  • A first Ethiopian restaurant experience (delicious).
  • Emily Kate’s blog. I’ve read her blog for years, but especially lately I just love her and her blog.  Definitely a favorite Internet friend.
  • Granola Cookies. Would it be so wrong to eat these for breakfast?
  • That Ella is convinced the camera remote is her own tiny iPhone and that it must always be used to call Dada “at wurk.”

  • Finding a new place to buy eggs only a mile or two away. Why is it more fun to crack a blue egg into a pan than a regular white one?
  • Lunchtime walks with Ella and Bart. Oh glorious Texas weather (I am fearing for August already, if February is full of eighty degree days).
  • Merrick’s blog. I love that she’s posting almost every day now and how great her outfits always are. Plus, it’s fun to see her photos pop up on Pinterest so often.
  • These earrings, which I’ve been wearing practically every day. $1.50? Hard to go wrong.
  • Ella learning to ask for “one more.” If she had her way, she’d read twenty stories before bed each night. Perhaps she’ll have more luck when Grancie comes in April.
  • A haircut, perhaps the first one in my life where I did not wait until the situation was extremely desperate before scheduling an appointment.

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  1. Out here the canned/jarred food doesn't have any food coloring or even anything to hang onto what little color the canned/jarred fruits or veggies had in the first place and – wow – it is REALLY unappetizing to eat brown peach jam. You are a brave, brave woman.

  2. Gaaah! Can she be any cuter! That pic on the right is adorable!

    I grew up on homemade jam and would rather go jam-less than eat store-bought stuff. Luckily, my sister makes jam every summer and she usually gifts me a jar or five for the year. So far, it has held out quite nicely. 🙂


  3. I completely agree on all counts about the strawberry jam. It can't be too berry-ish. I find them slimy. I also will pay a bit extra to have seedless raspberry jam. Cannot stand too many seeds.

    I am completely jealous you get to have blue eggs. That's fantastic!

  4. Just when I think Ella can't get any cuter, you post a new photo and BAM! I die. She is darling.

    I love the shoes and am definitely loving Merrick's blog. I check it daily now!

  5. Janssen, I love that post Merrick did with the 8 pieces! so clever! thank you for posting a link to her blog. I think i'm seriously going to make a photo collage like that for myself.

  6. I think my comment just disappeared. Let me try again…

    Just got home and I'm catching up on blogs. What a fun surprise to read this! I like you too. You're the best!

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