4 Favorite Things for May (+ My Team’s Picks)

My girls and I are in Las Vegas this weekend with my sister her kids and my parents and we’ve been having the BEST time.

While we swim endlessly and stay up way too late chatting, here are some of my favorite things right now!

hero cosmetics tinted sunscreen

hero cosmetics tinted sunscreenHERO COSMETICS TINTED SUNSCREEN
I’m a long-time absolute raving fan of Hero Cosmetic’s Force Shield sunscreen and when they released a tinted version this spring? I couldn’t order it fast enough. And I LOVE it. It’s a perfect glowy color (they call it “apricot”) and it still has all the things I love about the original sunscreen – mineral, quick absorbing, reasonably priced. I’ve been wearing it every single day for the last 8+ weeks. My code is EVERYDAYREADING.


loopy floral caseLOOPY FLORAL CASE
I’ve been a loyal Loopy Case fan for a solid five years now – I just don’t trust anything else like I trust Loopy! For spring, I got a new floral case and it truly delights me every single time I see it (which, as you might relate to, is many many times a day). My Loopy code is EVERYDAYREADING.


everlane striped teeEVERLANE STRIPED TEE
I discovered Everlane a few years ago (I’m always late to the party) and now I own a whole host of clothing items from them. One of my current favorites is their box cut tee – I ordered it last summer and wore it non-stop and I was so happy to pull it out again a few weeks ago when I unpacked my summer clothes. It’s a great cut and comes in a bunch of different colors and with or without a pocket. I have a solid one with a pocket too!


maedn belt bagMAEDN BELT BAG
I got this belt bag earlier this spring and took it to Japan and it was perfect for traveling! I love that it looks more polished than a nylon bag and it has plenty of pockets without being too heavy or bulky. I’ve loved all my Maedn bags (don’t ask how many I have) and this one has definitely earned a spot in the rotation and I’m sure I’ll be using it all summer long! My code is JANSSEN.

And here’s what my team is loving!


men's swim shortsMEN’S SWIM SHORTS
My husband is NOT a shopper and only cares about comfortable clothes, so if he finds something he loves, I just plan on seeing it for the next decade. This was the case with his swim shorts and because we were going on an upcoming beach vacation I decided I could no longer look at his extremely old swim trunks. After hunting and making him try on tons and tons of pairs, we landed on these gems and ordered three different colors (black, savannah and dark olive). I know they are technically workout shorts, but they are perfect for swimming with the built in liner and quick drying material and he says the comfort is top notch!


We have been big fans of the Peachy Greens from Clean Simple Eats for a long time, so we were pretty excited when they came out with four new flavors of greens this month. We have really been liking the tropical flavor which tastes like pineapple. It’s a great way to get your morning off on the right foot and my gut is so much happier all day! You can use code JANSSEN for 10% off.



Microstripe Jacquard Coverlet - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia, image 1 of 6 slidesLIGHTWEIGHT COVERLET
Call me crazy, but I have never changed out our heavy down comforter over the summer months before. And after a week-long streak of close to 90 degree temps, it needed to be done. I love that this coverlet is lightweight, soft, and made of breathable cotton – it reminds me of a double gauze baby blanket. The Twilight Taupe color turned out to be such a great neutral, and the best part? There is no comforter/duvet wrestling involved!


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  1. curious if you use the hero sunscreen in place of moisturizer or in addition to a daily moisturizer?

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