The 4 things I think about as I get my summer wardrobe ready

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Last weekend, I went through my whole closet, put away my winter clothing and pulled my summer clothing out of storage.

With the weather warming up (it was nearly 80 degrees on Sunday!), it feels great to have more seasonally appropriate clothing out.

I switch out my clothing twice a year (usually in April and October) and over the years, I’ve learned some strategies for keeping my wardrobe working for me so that it’s quick and easy to get dressed and so my outfits feel like ME.

I’ve been really impressed by how much Walmart has stepped up their fashion game in the last couple of years – I particularly love their Free Assembly and Scoop lines. They release small collections each season and the things I’ve ordered from them fit well, wash great, and hold up season after season, all at a reasonable price!

Here are the four things I think about as I get my summer wardrobe ready to go!

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The 4 things I think about as I get my summer wardrobe ready

  1. Think about what the upcoming season is going to include. For me, I work from home and my kids are home all summer long. We’re outdoors a lot during the warm weather and do a lot of active things like swimming, hiking, biking, and boating. I want to look put together on a daily basis but also stay cool and casual. That makes it easy for me to know I don’t need a lot of fancy tops or dresses, but I love an easy, polished jumpsuit, a light spring sweater, or a fun pair of casual shoes. I also know I’ll want a number of swimsuits and cover-ups. When I get specific about what my life is going to look like over the next six months, it’s much easier for me to make sure I have what I need and skip the things I don’t.
  2. Decide on a few outfit formulas. Last year, I really dialed in to what I felt good in and enjoyed wearing all summer long and decided on casual skirts with tees, lightweight pants with cute tops, and jumpsuits. I also know that I RARELY enjoy wearing a dress aside from church on Sunday (I ordered this one, which is SO cute), so I don’t worry about super casual dresses almost at all. On the flip side, I pay close attention when I find something that works for me and that I keep reaching for over and over again. Last year, I bought a couple of these ribbed tees from Walmart and I wore them so much that I ordered a few more – they were perfect with skirts and joggers and linen pants and I just snagged another one this week!
  3. Pay attention to wardrobe holes. When I get dressed, I try to pay close attention to what I WISH I had in my closet. If I don’t have a good pair of shoes that work with my skirts and every time I put on a skirt I notice that my outfit doesn’t quite work because I don’t have shoes that go with it, that’s a signal to me that I might want to buy a pair of shoes that will fill this hole. I ordered these highly rated shoes on Walmart and they were a perfect trendy addition to my shoe collection that fits with many of my outfits and are different from my other shoe options!
  4. Do a mid-season inventory. Some things I unpack may feel exciting in April but by the time July rolls around, I discover that I never reach for that item. My goal is to keep my closet as streamlined as possible so I don’t want it clogged up with things that I’m always reaching around. If I notice I’m not wearing something for whatever reason – doesn’t quite fit anymore, is worn out, just doesn’t make me feel good – then I either donate it or move it to an in-between spot (like a storage box or high shelf) where I can make a final decision at the end of the season about whether or not to keep it.


Do you switch out your clothes seasonally? I’d love to hear what works to keep your closet working well for you!

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