37 Weeks

Over the weekend, I hit the 37 week mark.

It’s pretty much blowing my mind that this baby will be here in a few weeks (and I’m trying not to freak out that we still haven’t picked a name).

The last week and a half has been kind of a mad rush of doctors appointments to get me all caught up. I went in for my first visit here and got all sorts of blood draws, swabs, and shots (when they call that Rhogam shot a “peanut butter shot” they aren’t kidding. My hip hurt for four days).

The next day, I went in for a glucose test and, for the first time in three pregnancies, failed it. And I didn’t just barely fail it. I failed it big time, apparently (anything over 140 means you have to retest and I was a 181. If you are over 200, you skip the second test and get a ticket straight to gestational diabetes).

Happily, when I went in for the three-hour version of the test last week, I passed without incident. And spent the whole time feeling really glad I took a friend up on her offer to watch my girls.

I’m at that point where I sort of forget I’m close to having a baby. I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever, and I feel pretty good (and then I’ll try to hop up on the counter to get something off a high shelf and can hardly do it, thanks to an extra 25 pounds I keep forgetting I’m carrying around).

We’re slowly getting settled into our new house (look for many posts about the new house over the next few months), and I’m hoping to get a lot of things settled before this baby arrives.

Also, after two week-late deliveries, I don’t have any expectations of an on-time baby. Frankly, if this baby does come on her own, it’s going to blow my mind.

And, I’ve heard rumors that there is no nursery at this hospital to send your baby to overnight and. . . .what’s the point of the hospital if you can’t have at least two good nights of sleep before they send you home? I need to look into this immediately.

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  1. You look so cute! It seems like your pregnancy just flew by with all of your fun adventures recently. I'm not sure which hospital you're delivering at but I've heard that most NC hospitals are doing away with the nursery. I'm with you about loving the nursery – plus even as a 2nd or 3rd time mom it's really reassuring to have nurses help caring for your newborn in those first few days when everything is a bit scary and new again! And there's more than plenty of bonding time for the remaining nights of her newborn life – don't think she'd miss 2! 🙂

  2. So my first hospital that I delivered at didn't have a nursery, but the nurses offered to take the baby for a couple hours. I bet they'll do the same for you! (As long as it's not a crazy busy night or anything)

  3. Wow, I can't believe you're already at the end! It's gone by so fast (for me – haha).

    I always have to get the Rhogam too, but I've never been sore for so long! Were you that sore with your other kids too?

    Good luck in the coming weeks! I'm so excited for you and your family!

  4. Gosh – I remember when 'we' we're waiting for Ani – and now it's this little ones turn! Stay safe and keep us posted !

  5. How exciting! Newborns are the best, and it will be so fun for you to see your older girls with her.

    Our hospital also didn't have an overnight nursery, only a NICU. Apparently it was part of a certification they were working towards of being a mother/child-centered hospital. I loved every other aspect of that focus, but that was one of the longest nights of my life. We got out of there ASAP. I hope you'll be able to get some rest!

  6. Are you delivering at UNC? If so that is true about the nursery.
    I delivered my first 2 at UNC but my next one (due in June) will be at Duke so I'm wondering what it's like delivering there. Will you be at Duke by any chance?


  7. I've never gotten a bruise from any of my Rhogam shots! Or maybe just a tiny one. I think mine usually go in the fatty part of my hip and not the muscle.

    Also, why allow deliveries at a hospital and NOT HAVE A NURSERY???? Best of luck to you.

  8. I always send my baby to the nursery too! Most moms don't anymore because of attachment parenting but I take full advantage!

  9. Are you delivering at the big Duke hospital on Erwin, because in August they had both the nicu, and normal nursery still! Although Kinsley had to go and choke on some formula and freak everyone out… so we only got to see the nicu 😉

  10. Rhogam didn't bother me either, but they gave it to me in the butt, not my hip.

    The hospital where I had both mine encouraged keeping the babies in the room, but also had a nursery. With my first, the nurse had to convince my husband to let her take the baby for a few hours so I could sleep. With my second, I asked before they offered. Sleep was a precious commodity.

  11. I totally felt that way about hospital nurseries until I had my second. The hospital I delivered at had one but they encouraged you to keep them and before I gave birth I was like h no. But then I had my daughter and she came out of the womb and slept six straight hours and then another five and it was just heaven having her there (and I loved that i had total control over how long she slept…I think the nurses woke my son up far too much and as a result my daughter is a far better sleeper!) but you know. I only feel that way because everyone got sleep!!

  12. Imagine if she not only comes on time, but comes early?! Hopefully not, as we all want to keep seeing pictures of your house being beautifully decorated 🙂

    Most hospitals in Australia don't have nurseries now (like someone else said I think it's part of some kind of certification – breast feeding friendly maybe?). Hopefully your baby will be a wonderful sleeper and you won't notice the difference 🙂

  13. They don't have a nursery at our hospital in Portland either. I am due in a few months (with our 3rd girl too!) and we are strongly considering getting out of there asap since I have pretty easy deliveries/recoveries…and the nights are so uncomfortable there, with the horribly uncomfortable beds and also the constant checking of vitals etc…We have talked about just going to a hotel or our house, but letting our two older girls continue staying with their grandparents (like they would have if we had stayed in the hospital), thus saving a ton of money for the 2-day hospital stay.

    On a different note, I remember you once mentioning that you never wake your sleeping babies. So you obviously don't do Babywise. Do you have a sleep system, or not so much? Have you done a post about this before? Would you do a post about this? 🙂

  14. It is a sad but true fact, Janssen. This is why I came home as soon as possible with the two kids I've had in Durham–because there is no chance I will sleep any better at the hospital than I would at home, so what's the point of staying there?

  15. You look great! Glad you ended up passing your GTT. I don't know why since I've never had an issue either but I always get so nervous for mine!

    Oh, and don't worry, my sister and her husband took SIX WEEKS to name their son! It was ridiculous! 🙂

  16. I didn't think any hospitals had nurseries any more! When I had my third (in the middle of the night) I left the next evening so I could sleep in my own bed. Good luck!

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