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This post was created in partnership with Zappos and Rockport 

A few weeks ago, my mom and I attended a live taping of the Happier podcast (it was such a blast!) and Elizabeth mentioned that she had decided to stop wearing uncomfortable shoes and now only buys shoes she can actually walk in.

She got a huge laugh when she talked about how she went through a period of wearing lots of heels and after a while, her husband cautiously said, “Whatever you’re trying to accomplish by wearing those shoes, I don’t think you’re accomplishing it.”

I knew JUST what she meant.

I love the look of heels (at just shy of 5’4″, I’ll take all the extra height I can get), and when I’m pregnant, I’m especially anxious to reduce the appearance of stumpiness, and nothing is better than a high heel for doing just that.

But. . . I also want to be able to walk and not be suffering the whole night or wobbling around looking like a seven-year-old wearing my mommy’s shoes.

I also noticed in the past few months that I can’t wear a super high-heel because I have small feet (I’m a size six) and so anything with too high of a heel is almost impossible for me to even stand in because it’s such a sharp angle.

But I hate the look of a too-short heel, so it’s difficult for me to find a heel that’s high enough to be flattering without being so high that I can’t walk.

You guys, these Rockport Total Motion Pumps are perfect.

They are, without question, the most comfortable high heels I’ve ever worn. Not only is the heel height exactly right, but they have a super cushy insole (think the kind that your athletic shoes have that cushion your foot and absorb impact).

This shoe comes in a bunch of colors and fabrics (so many pretty suedes!), but I couldn’t resist this wine colored pair in patent leather. The fact that I coincidentally matched it to my nail polish tells you that I’m really into this color right now.

I’m always drawn to black outfits, especially when I’m pregnant, so these were the perfect festive pair to make a basic outfit more fun.

I’m also imagining them paired with jeans and a dressy top for more casual holiday outings.

And, of course, I love that Zappos has super fast, free shipping (is there anything worse than paying for shipping?), plus you have 365 days to return something and the best customer service around.

I’d heard that Rockport shoes ran a little large, but I risked ordering my normal size because I knew if they didn’t fit, I could just toss them back in the box and have a new pair in a different size on my doorstep in another two days (spoiler: my regular size fit perfectly).

And your spouse is not going to tell you politely that maybe you aren’t coordinated enough to walk in heels.

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  1. I don't think I've worn heels since I got pregnant with baby number 3 and my feet went all weird and changed sizes, but I LOVE these shoes in the black diamond snake print. Maybe for Christmas…

  2. I love listening to their live episodes! At 5'7", I'm always looking for a more reasonable heel height just so I'm not taller than my 5'10" husband 😉

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