What We Are Actually Getting Our Girls for Christmas This Year

In 2015, I did a post about what we were giving our girls for Christmas for the first time and I’ve kept it up since then for two reasons:

  1. So many people say that it’s really helpful to see what our family is ACTUALLY putting under the tree, rather than a gift guide with a million ideas on it.
  2. It forces me to figure out what we’re giving the girls for Christmas well ahead of time.

It feels FANTASTIC to have everything ordered before Thanksgiving and then get everything wrapped up early – the best Christmas present I give myself each year is going to bed early on Christmas Eve.

Here’s what each of our four girls will be finding under the tree this year!

presents for girls

presents for girls


  • GYMNASTICS MAT. All four of the girls take tumbling classes so it felt like it was probably time to get a mat so they can work on their skills at home. Did we get a pink one? Of course we did.
  • QWIRKLE. After last year, when each of our kids got games as gifts and then got a little overzealous about saying no one else could play their games without their permission, we decided games are now mainly family gifts. Bart and I used to play this one a ton – I can’t believe we’ve never owned it!

For Ella (who is Twelve and a half) 

  • ROLLER BLADES. This was the main thing that all four girls wanted for Christmas and it’ll be the gift we do our annual scavenger hunt to. So many people recommended K2 brand for roller blades (they adjust through five different sizes so you get a lot of use out of them), so that’s what we went with.
  • SHERLING BELT BAG. Ella’s getting to the age where she has things to take around with her and this fun belt bag is the perfect hands-free way to do it. (Use my code EVERYDAY for 15% off)
  • KIZIK SNEAKERS. I got a pair of Kizik sneakers this fall and I have LOVED them. Every time I pull them out, my girls mention that they’d love a pair too. I can’t wait for them to try them out – I picked the Athen in Deep Sea for Ella. Use the code EVERYDAYREADING.
  • MINI FRIDGE. Last year for my birthday, Bart bought me this little mini fridge for my office and my girls are obsessed with it. Ella requested one for her room and although I’m not entirely sure what she plans to put in there, it was an easy gift request to fulfill.
  • SQUISHMALLOW. You know the gifts that as a parent you’re all, “WHY?!” but you know your kids will lose their minds with happiness if you make their Christmas wish come true? That is Squishmallows for me.
  • LEGO SET. It wouldn’t be Christmas break without a LEGO set to work on and bonus points when it has a ton of pieces AND is Harry Potter themed.

For Ani (who just turned ten) 

  • ROLLER BLADES. Another pair of K2 roller blades!
  • KIZIK SNEAKERS. You get a pair of Kiziks and YOU get a pair of Kiziks. I went with the Athens in Red Alert.
  • KITCHEN ADVENTURES SUBSCRIPTION. I did a whole post about this kids cooking subscription and I’m SO excited to give this to Ani – I especially am looking forward to dedicated time each month to spend working on it with her. Her love language is 100% quality time, so I think it’s going to be a big hit. Use the code EVERDAY30 for 30% off the entire subscription.
  • LED LIGHT STRIP. Ani sleeps on the larger bottom bunk and loves making it into a cozy cave – she spends hours reading, drawing, and listening to audiobooks and she’ll love a strip of LED lights that she can easily turn on and off.
  • MINI BACKPACK. Ani had a LONG Christmas wishlist (lucky for me because we also have her birthday coming up in a few weeks!) and while I’m not planning to buy her a puppy or a snack (sorry!), I’m happy to oblige her wish for a mini backpack.
  • SQUISHMALLOW. For Ani, we picked out a leopard squishmallow

For Star (who is almost eight) 

For Tally (who is almost six) 

And of course, what’s Christmas without stocking stuffers? Here’s what we’re getting for them (and I talked more about how we do stockings in this post):


  • Nail Pens. I ordered a set of these and I’ll break them up and put 1 in each of the girls’ stockings (and save the extra two to give as gifts).
  • Ski socks. I heard so many raves about Smartwool socks and each of the girls needed a new pair of warm socks for ski season, so I snagged each of them a pair.
  • Lotion. My girls all love an individual bottle of lotion. I’ll probably just pick up something inexpensive at Target or Walmart.
  • Washi Tape. This set of washi tape was just over $1 a roll, so perfect for splitting up and giving each girl two rolls in their stocking.
  • Candy. I mean, what’s a stocking without candy? I usually do special candies, including a Pez dispenser (weird family tradition), tic tacs, and bubble gum tape.
  • Pringles. While Pez is a funny family tradition for my family in our stockings, Pringles is Bart’s family’s thing. I don’t think it would feel like Christmas to Bart without a can of Pringles in his stocking!

I’d love to hear what you’re getting your children for Christmas this year – I love seeing people’s real lists!

And if you’re interested, here’s what we got the girls last year, in 2019, in 2018, in 2017, in 2016 and 2015!


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  1. In our family, Santa’s stocking is always filled with a set of books of your favorite genre and this is of course fantasy. Of course, not one Christmas can not do without sweets this year, the whole family decided to arrange a Christmas photo shoot and therefore Santa will put traditional Christmas pajamas for all the household. But stockings in our family are already beginning to be replenished on December 1st, the first thing that my family and I find on the first winter morning is Advent calendars. This brings joy to both small members of our family and adults. The spirit of Christmas fills the house.

  2. Loved reading through this and we did a scavenger hunt for the last two presents last year (a swing and a room beneath the statue’s converted into a playroom) and it was the best time! I can’t wait to do another hunt this year for the sled and hula hoop we got for the kids.

  3. WE DO PRINGLES IN THE STOCKINGS, TOO! I laughed out loud. This was such a great post – the realness made this relatable and very helpful, especially since I have girls of similar ages. Thank you!! (But no Squishmallows. That’s where I draw the line. You are clearly a better mother than I.)

  4. This is one of my favorite posts that you do! I grew up getting Pringle’s too and do that for my kids stockings as well except last year I discovered good crisp, a healthier alternative, and instead of candy (which they usually just eat all of it Christmas morning) I’ll do peaceful fruits fruit tape, and pur gum and a pomegranate. I don’t buy processed snacks normally so my kids will be thrilled!

  5. My 9.5 year old is getting:
    -a few LEGO sets (they are her jam right now!!)
    -some cool Pokémon card set
    -the Front Desk book series that I picked up at her school book fair this week!

    She may be getting a rainbow loom, but I’m thinking with our kittens that may be a bad idea.

    We’re moving into our new house (that we’ve been building for 2 years) mid December, so we’re all getting a new house for Christmas!

  6. I just googled to find the 2015 and 2016 lists when you had kids closer to the toddlers in my house — I definitely agree that these posts (even the old ones!!) are definitely more helpful than a long gift guide with a ton of things

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