My Birthday Wish List

My birthday is just around the corner and every year, my mom sends me an email saying “What are you interested in for your birthday?” and every year, I get a sinking feeling because . . . I have no idea what I want. And also, the pressure!

(It also happens at Christmas. This is why Bart and I celebrated our tenth anniversary in style by buying each other exactly nothing).

This year, though, since I’ve basically sorted through everything I own four times in the last year, I actually was able to come up with small list of things I’d really love.

(left to right, top to bottom)


  1. Mechanic Jacket – This is top of my wish list, ever since I saw Erin Gates suggest it. I know myself well enough to recognize that I pick one item and wear it over and over again, so I’m not worried that I won’t get enough use out of it to justify the cost.
  2. Egg Crate – Back in the spring, my mom mentioned to me that she wanted to get one of these to keep her earrings in, so I bought her one for her birthday last month. Now, obviously, I need to get one for myself (and it’s only $6, so no one is going to break the bank here).
  3. Boxwood Wreath – Does a house feel like a home without a wreath on the door? I think not. I hate kitschy wreaths, but I love the fresh, bright feel of a boxwood wreath. Also, my front porch needs some green in a big way.
  4. Water Dispenser – Whenever I have people over, I drag out my super ugly, giant plastic water pitcher. Useful? Yes. Good looking? Decidedly no. This would be a way better option.
  5. Gold Bracelet – Thanks to my Rocksbox subscription (you can get a free month with the code “everydayreadingxoxo”), I’ve discovered Gorjana jewelry and it is my favorite – everything I’ve tried has been gorgeous. I love these bracelets that adjust to the right size so you don’t spend the whole day pushing them off your knuckles. Is that just me?
  6. Leather Booties – Even though it is September, it’s not even remotely close to boot weather here, but it doesn’t hurt to pretend that fall is somewhere on the horizon. I’ve loved my Sam Edelman sandals so much this summer (worth every penny!), that I’m ready to finally jump into a pair of his famous petty booties.
  7. A Painted Wooden Bowl – When we were visiting this summer, I noticed Merrick had a great wooden that she used frequently, so I ordered myself one this summer (and I love it!). Now I want a shallower painted one because. . . I love dishes.

And if you have suggestions for things I should put on my wish list, I’ll take them all. Christmas is not too far away, so I know another email is coming my way.

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  1. I have this same problem. Which is why it's a good thing we're friends, so you can pick out my birthday presents for me every year.

  2. I get the same email! But I send that email too because I really stink at gift giving. These are good ideas though!

    Also, my husband and I don't give gifts on our anniversaries. Instead we go out to a fancy restaurant … Somewhere we wouldn't ever go otherwise … And spend the money we might've spent on gifts on food! Haha it feels very "us" to eat instead of give gifts.

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