45+ Great Gift Ideas for Men

Every time a holiday rolls around – whether it’s Father’s Day or Christmas or Bart’s birthday – I remember how HARD it is to find great gift ideas for men.

It cannot just be me, right?

And I feel like every time I find a list of unique gifts for men, it basically assumes men are only interested in barbecuing, whiskey, and golf.

Possibly high-end watches.

For the past few years, I’ve been collecting gift ideas for men and this post has become one of my very most popular gift guides.

Apparently it’s not just me that finds it REALLY hard to find good unique gifts for men.

Whether you’re buying for a dad, a husband, a boyfriend, or a brother, I hope at least one or two of these gift ideas for men will be helpful!

(And don’t forget to check out the men’s stocking stuffer gift guide too!)

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45+ great Gifts for Men

This is a super fun yard game that the whole family can play. It’s fun with two people or up to a dozen people and we’ve played it in our backyard, on camping trips, with other families, and our own small children.



Bart loves to take good care of his possessions and he’s also very clean (I’m more of a neat person, he’s more of a CLEAN person), so I think he’ll love this.




Bart’s brother and sister-in-law gave us this for Christmas and I thought it was the COOLEST gift. It can jump start your vehicle (no other car needed) multiple times on a single charge and you can use it to charge your electronics on the go. If you have road trips coming up this year, you’ll definitely want one of these. Also, it’s so compact!


book neck lightNeck Book Light
I was SO dubious about a book light that went around your neck instead of clipping to a book, but I was 100% wrong. It makes it feel like you’re living in the stone ages when you use any other ones  (and my husband agrees!) – this one is just such a great design and so much better than anything else I’ve tried. I promise, you might be dubious, but it’s worth a shot – more than 45,000 reviews can’t be wrong.


Several men in our neighborhood go trail running and when Bart started joining them, he bought these trail running shoes for safety and warmth. And now he wears them basically every day because they’re so much warmer than his normal tennis shoes!



I’ve worked with Storyworth for years and every time a holiday rolls around and I mention it again, I get a slew of grateful messages from people who are stumped on a gift for their parent who already has everything, including a lifetime of stories and memories. It really is the BEST gift. Just sign up your dad (or mom or grandpa or husband) and Storyworth sends the recipient one question a week for them to answer. You can choose from their bank with hundreds of questions or write your own questions (or a combo of the two!) and at the end of the year, they compile all their stories and memories into a beautifully bound book (you can go in and add photos before it prints too!). Basically, that’s a Father’s Day gift THIS year AND next year. Mega win. You can get $10 off here and I wrote a more complete post about how it works here!


Bart upgraded his phone this fall and Andar didn’t have a leather phone case with a wallet slit in the size of his new phone (which is the one he’d had on his previous phone for the past few years). He ordered this one and he loves it even more than the Andar one (bonus for being half the price too!). He especially likes that it has a little place for his thumb to pop out the cards without tugging them.


Bart got our first Minky Couture blanket two years ago (an urban polar adult size one) and then this fall we got a monster sized Ripple one for our living room couch and pretty much every night while I read to the girls, you can find him reading by the fire with this blanket. It’s a winner for sure! Use the code BRADSHAW45 for 45% off!


I hate exposed cords and I’ve tried a lot of different cord ties – these magnetic ones are by far the best!




peachy greensPEACHY GREENS
Bart got hooked on this greens powder this year and has a glass basically every morning after he works out. I don’t think anyone is mores surprised than he is by how much he likes them. Use the code JANSSEN for 10% off.



This is a fantastic apron for the man who likes to cook. It is extremely durable and high quality, definitely one that will last a lifetime. A great way to protect those clothes from hot oil splatters or grill burns.


If you have a man who loves to drink a protein drink but doesn’t want to pull out the blender, this little gift is under$10 and perfect for grab and go! Plus it comes in tons of colors!



We bought a PhoneSoap for my dad a few years ago and then I got myself one last year. I LOVE it. It’s a sleek little device that you put your phone (or keys or jewelry or wallet) inside and it kills 99.9% of the germs on it within 10 minutes. I keep mine on my desk and put my phone in it every night before I go to bed – I wake up to a clean and fully charged phone!


cashmere sweaterCASHMERE HOODIE
I bought Bart one of these amazing cashmere hoodies two Christmases ago (I got one for my brother who is in his 20s too) and he wore it nonstop all winter long. This year, when he pulled it back out when the weather dropped, he put it on and said, “I think I need three more of these.” It’s the perfect mix of cozy and polished, looks good with EVERYTHING, and is worth every penny!


These gas cans are the best and easiest for filling up boats, ATVs, waverunners and even cars if needed. Every time we pull it out to use it, someone makes a comment about just how nice it is not not be dealing with spillage and the awkwardness of other gas can spouts.


Have you seen these gorgeous custom maps that showcase anywhere in the world that’s meaningful to you? You can choose where he was born, where you met or married or any other place you want in a variety of gorgeous designs. We have one of our city in our entryway and I absolutely love it.


Pretty much the only casual tee besides a plain tee that Bart wears is a thermal (or waffle knit) long-sleeve tee. He has a white and a black and a navy one and I always know the weather is getting cold when he starts adding these to the rotation again.



Bart isn’t much for expensive sunglasses because they tend to get lost easily and he doesn’t want to worry about them while he’s boating or running or biking. He also wants ones that aren’t going to pinch the side of his head or slide down his nose. These were a win!


raycon earbudsRAYCON EARBUDS
I have never had wireless earbuds until last year and I’m HOOKED on my Raycon ones (I have the Everyday ones) which are a fraction of the cost of Airpods. I have two pairs and I use them every single day! Use the code JANSSEN for 15% off.


rash guardRASH GUARD
When we moved to Arizona, we bought rash guards for everyone in the family, knowing we’d be spending so much time at the pool in the blazing sun. Bart has worn his for five years straight and it still looks basically brand new. I like the short-sleeve ones better than the long-sleeve ones as far as looks go, and I love that it cuts down so significantly on how much sunscreen you need to use and how much sun you get. And I love that this brand is guaranteed forever, so if you have any issues with it, they’ll replace it. No questions asked.


Bart upgraded to this beard trimmer at the end of 2021 and has LOVED it. He uses it to cut his hair too.




This is just my go-to gift for men or basically anyone who has everything and doesn’t want more STUFF. And if you’re looking for recommendations for books they can listen to, this list of great non-fiction for men is an excellent place to start (if I say so myself). A three or six month subscription is such an easy, useful gift for men or anyone else! Audible is great or you can use Libro.fm which supports local bookstores.

gifts for men

I gave Bart a pair of the wool runners in gray for Christmas in 2017 and they were a HUGE hit. They’re so comfortable, look good with everything, and you can throw them in the washing machine. This is one of the best gift ideas for men who love comfort!


candy clubCANDY CLUB
If your guy has a sweet tooth, this subscription is a surefire winner. I generally don’t like most candies that aren’t chocolate but EVERY SINGLE THING I’ve tried from them has been ridiculously good. Total next level (and the chocolate varieties are mindblowingly good too). This is SUCH a fun gift to give or get.


Bart does NOT like dressing up but when he needs to wear a pair of non-jogger pants, this is his go-to pair for work or church or a nice dinner out because they’re just as comfortable as his favorite joggers but look dressy. He’s had them for several years and they still look brand new despite weekly wear – worth every penny! (My snappy dressing brother in his late twenties recommended these and he was not wrong!)


These were new to me and now I’m absolutely in love with them. It’s so much sleeker than a traditional power strip and also lets you plug in USB cords.




When you want something small, inexpensive and useful, this is a good choice. I was standing in the aisle at Target looking at the different options and a guy stopped and said “I’ve had a beard for a decade and this is the best one.” Done. Basically the easiest gift for men who have everything, including facial hair.


I told Bart I wanted a car phone mount for Christmas (it was on my wishlist in 2017) and sent him this suggestion, and he told me later that he’d looked at dozens of options and finally came back to the one I suggested. I love that your phone just pops on and off (no clicking it in) and that you can move it easily around. It’s one of those great gifts for men and women alike. My mom liked it so much after she saw me using it that when she ordered herself one. I also like that it comes with two magnetic panels so you and your spouse can both use it with your respective phones. And it’s under $10.


Have you seen these? If your husband works out or just doesn’t want to wear a metal band, these silicone rings are really good looking and much more comfortable. Perfect especially for someone who works out a lot. Bart didn’t wear his wedding ring for probably six years until I got him a silicone and now he never takes it off. He’s tried a LOT and this is by far his favorite brand (plus they have a 94 year guarantee – his other ones have lasted less than a year!).


Despite the fact that we’ve lived in Utah for the last four years, Bart hadn’t gotten a really good warm winter coat and when it started looking like a VERY snowy winter, he ordered himself this coat. He has LOVED it and comments on it nearly every time he puts it on. Having the right gear makes a big difference!



I got my first smart plug a few years ago, and Bart and I are both OBSESSED with them now. We plugged our Christmas tree into it and it was so wildly delightful every single day to turn on and off the lights just by telling Alexa, “Okay Alexa, turn on the Christmas tree.” After Christmas, we plugged our TV into it so we could turn that on and off with voice commands. Now we need about 10 of them. It’s the perfect gift.


Bart always says that the two things he always loves as a gift are tools or sports gear so I know this addition to his toolbox will be a fun surprise this year! It has a light, can reach those hard to reach places and picks up nuts, bolts, screws and other metal objects with its magnetic end!


bombas socksBOMBAS SOCKS
I bought Bart a four-pack of their dress socks for Christmas a few years ago and I swear, these were his favorite gift. They are seriously the best socks and he comments on them every single time he wears them (so. . . .multiple times a week).



For a man who hates shopping, you know what is an amazing gift? The gift of NOT SHOPPING. Two years ago, Bart tried StitchFix out for the first time and kept every item they sent him – a great pair of jeans, some business casual shoes, a half-zip sweater, and two shirts. And they are all REALLY nice and flattering. Seriously, the most useful gift that saves all that time at the mall.



I bought this wireless charger for Bart for Christmas (it’s under $15!) and he’s loved it. It’s so convenient to just put your phone on top so it can charge instead of having to actually plug something in. Maybe this says something about how lazy we are, but it’s seriously the BEST. You can also charge Airpods on it too!



garment travel bagHENTY TRAVEL GARMENT BAG
Kelsey from my team raved about this – her husband travels a lot for work and this bag is his go-to for every work trip. If you have a jet setter on your gift-giving list, this incredibly designed garment bag that wraps around an inner storage tube is brilliant. Suits in the garment bag stay nice and wrinkle free and there is plenty of room for shoes, underwear, and toiletries in the inner tube. Bonus that it fits perfectly in an airplane overhead bin.


music subscriptionA MUSIC SUBSCRIPTION
Bart bought himself a music subscription four years ago and although I was super dubious at first, we use it ALL THE TIME. From playing Baby Shark one thousand times for a grumpy toddler or listening to my favorite Broadway soundtracks to creating your own playlists, this is one of those gifts they’ll use constantly. We use it on our phones, streamed through our Amazon Echo and in the car.



My parents gave me this for my birthday and after about a week, Bart said, “I need one of those.” It can charge your phone up to 7 times without having to be recharged and you can plug two devices into it. My dad and my brother both have this same portable charger and LOVE it.


My parents gave this to Bart for his birthday last year and it’s so nice to have all your batteries in one place, easy to find, and with a built-in battery tester. Best $20 ever.



This lighter is ideal for lighting candles, starting up the grill, or birthday candles and just needs to be plugged in to recharge! Plus, it comes in several different colors, which is fun.



Bart wears a t-shirt virtually every day (the joys of working from home!) and he recently ordered some True Classic tees in a slew of different colors and then three weeks later ordered another six of them! His favorites are the white and black ones in the crew neck. They wash beautifully, fit perfectly and are just an all around terrific shirt. They also have polo shirts, henley style shirts, long sleeve options, plus loungewear.


I bought this juggling toy on a whim for Bart for Christmas last year and it was a hit! My dad, my brother and Bart (plus all the girls) spent the whole day playing with it. It’s so simple but so fun.



If the man in your life loves emergency preparedness or cool gadgets, this is perfect – it’s great for bike tires or car tires! This has been one of the MOST popular things I’ve shared all year!



We got an outdoor projector and an inflatable movie screen for Bart’s 40th birthday and it’s been SO fun to have friends and family over for outdoor movies. Everything feels more special!



I’ve tried a lot of protein bars in my time and these are HANDS-DOWN my favorite. I have one almost every day, either as part of my lunch when I’m working or as an afternoon snack. My number one flavor choice is the Peanut Butter Coconut Chocolate, but all of them are excellent. Use the code READ for 15% off!


Bart bought a pair of these joggers in the fall of 2020 and now, two years later, he owns them in multiple colors and pretty much hasn’t worn jeans more than 2-3 times in the past 24 months. They’re a nice fit, not frumpy looking (they’re a twill fabric), and super comfortable. He’s worn them literally a hundred times and they still look brand new. And they’re around $20.


And if you have other suggestions for great gift ideas for men, I’m ALWAYS up for more recommendations, because holidays keep rolling around again.


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  1. These are all great ideas! I haven’t tried the Bioskin tights yet, but I’ve been dying to, I might need to use that code to get some for myself.

  2. I also need to mention that for us who live in hot climates, an iPhone holder that keeps your phone right in front of the AC vent is a miracle!! No more overheated phones that won’t work.

    1. Thank you for these wonderful and out of the box gifting ideas! I am so excited to gift my sweet-toothed-husband the CandyClub box. You may have saved Christmas this year with this one!
      ❤️ Meghann

  3. Thank you!! You are so right about other gift guides… and my husband doesn’t drink, barbecue, or play golf, so they are not much help.
    Also, I heard of the Quip toothbrush when they sponsored the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast and it sounded great. I’m so glad to have another recommendation!

  4. Thank you for the great ideas. My husband and I have a car phone holder and we LOVE it!

    I bought my husband a field notes cover with his initials on it from Etsy. It’s nice because it’s pocket-size and refillable.

    Other gift ideas: a “This book belongs to the library of …” embosser seal, or an Apple Music gift subscription.

  5. Last year for Father’s day I got my husband oil vaults. They slim, single use pouches of oil for use in blessings. He was tired of carrying around a clunky, leaky vial on his keychain so this was perfect!

  6. I think the best Father’s Day gift I’ve given was a Spotify subscription. Of course, we’ve been paying for that every year since… Other well received gifts for my non-drinking/bbqing/golfing/sports-inclined husband have been movie tickets, concert tickets, camel-pack for hiking, guitar strings, mini-steamer for his shirts, tie-rack, guitar stand, guitar pick tray (I made a little dish to hold his picks), wet bag for keeping valuables like a phone in on canoe or other water trips. And my favorite for Father’s Day (since we’re still getting him that Spotify subscription) is a book that I print out with questions all about dad and places for coloring, then I have the kids fill it in.

  7. How about experiences? Axe throwing is huge right now and isn’t terribly expensive to buy a date package. Having a night at an arcade like Dave and Buster’s isn’t something I love on the regular, but is a fun departure from the norm. Places like Main Event have ropes courses, bowling, and laser tag all in one place and you have your pick of options. If your man likes the outdoors give him a certificate for a camping adventure with the family or just the two of you!

  8. For that particular projector, does it project BIG enough for an outdoor movie, like on a 14 foot blow Up screen? Or does it only project to like the size of a normal tv?

  9. My go-to gift for my husband has been all the different cast metal brain teaser puzzles from Bepuzzled. I think I’ve bought them all now and need a new go to! Thanks for the list!

  10. This is the best men’s gift guide I’ve ever seen for sure!! Actually has a number of ideas I’ll actually use for my husband!

  11. Milwaukee Fastback compact folding utility knife is a winner in my book. It flips open and locks, doesn’t require tools to change the blade, and has a wire pocket or belt clip. I spend a lot of time outside and never go out without it. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

  12. This is a random question, but how deep is the hood on this? My husband loves a really deep, cozy hood and it was a bit hard to tell from the product pics. Thanks!

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