25+ of the Best Stocking Stuffers for Men

I think everyone in our house agrees that stockings are the most fun part of Christmas morning.

They’re so low pressure and just such a fun way to kick off the most exciting morning of the year.

But it can be HARD to find good stocking stuffers for men, especially if you want anything beyond just candy.

I’ve spent weeks gathering up the best suggestions from my husband and my IG audience, and I’ve never been so excited about Christmas morning – there are so many fun stocking stuffer ideas for men!

If you’re on the hunt, I hope this will help you find just the right things to tuck in a stocking for your husband, boyfriend, brother, dad or other men in your life!

best stocking stuffers for men

25+ of the best Stocking Stuffers for Men

These are one of my absolute favorite snacks and they’re perfect for stocking stuffers for men and anyone else who loves a snack in their stocking that isn’t sweet. Use the code everdayreading for 15% off.



usb lighterUSB LIGHTER
I LOVE this lighter and it’s a perfect stocking stuffer and ideal for lighting candles, starting up the grill, or birthday candles! Plus, it comes in several different colors, which is fun.


Bart stopped wearing his metal wedding ring years ago after it kept slipping off when the weather was cold, so last year I got him a silicone ring which provides way more comfort and it’s so fun.



You know how much I love this affordable clean sunscreen and I’ve heard from so many of you that have hooked your husband or dad on it too. It’s unbeatable and makes the perfect small gift!



Bart got hooked on this greens powder this year and some single-serving sticks of this are perfect for stockings! Use the code JANSSEN for 10% off. (Psst: they also sell their incredible protein powder, collagen, antioxidant and energy drink mixes in single stick packs).



book neck lightNECK LIGHT
Last year, I tried out a million different book lights and this version was the clear winner (Bart tested them too and he agreed this was superior to all others). And it’s not just for reading – it’s great for puzzles or camping or working on a car or walking the dog at night or any time you need a light and still want your hands free! Definitely one of the best gifts!


crew card gameTHE CREW CARD GAME
I put this collaborative card game in Bart’s stocking last year and we’ve enjoyed played it all year long with Ella – it’s nice because you can play one quick round in a few minutes or several rounds if you have more time.



meat thermometerMEAT THERMOMETER
If you’re looking for stocking stuffers for men who love to cook or grill, this meat thermometer is a terrific gadget – we’ve had one for probably ten years and it still works perfectly. And don’t just take my word – it has over 100k great reviews and it’s a great price point! (If you want to go all out, this one is incredible, but a little on the pricier side. It’s bluetooth and links to an app on your phone).


phone charger cordPHONE CHARGING CORD
Bart bought himself a long, nylon-coated phone cord this year so he could charge his phone without having to stay very close to the plug while he used it, and he LOVES it. Plus, the fabric coating doesn’t crack or kink like a plastic-coated cord does.



I got four pairs of Stance’s tab socks this spring and now I’m incensed whenever I have to wear any of my other workout socks. These are just so much better and high-quality than any other athletic sock I’ve ever worn and I love them a ridiculous amount. Seemed like it might be time to get Bart a pack of them for his stocking! Plus, they come in lots of fun colors.


If it’s not Christmas morning without something to play with, these metal puzzles are perfect for stocking stuffers!




If your guy’s laptop or computer is getting pretty gross, this handy little kit is perfect for dusting away the crumbs, cleaning out the grooves, and getting it back in top-notch condition!



mini box cuttersMINI BOX CUTTERS
This might seem like the DUMBEST item, but Bart bought them for me several years ago for my stocking and I am seriously obsessed with them. I’ve given away tons of them as little gifts and every person in my house uses them daily. I promise, they’ll be used Christmas morning!



protein barsG2G BARS
These are my absolute favorite protein bars and I’m pretty sure we’ve had them in our fridge every single day for the past 2+ years. The best flavor is Peanut Butter Coconut chocolate. Use the code READ for 15% off.



best stocking stuffers for men


I’d never heard of this game and then several people suggested it and when I looked it up and saw the gushy reviews plus it was under $7, I was in! Someone at my house is definitely getting this as a stocking stuffer this year.



mini measuring tapeMINI TAPE MEASURE
I keep one of these in my desk drawer and it’s wild how often it comes in handy. Practical, cute and fun – what could be better?



mango jerkyMANGO JERKY
We discovered this snack last summer and it came with us on virtually every lake day – it’s one of the few snacks every single member of our family truly loves.




mini glasses cleanerMINI GLASSES CLEANERS
There’s nothing worse than dirty sunglasses (or regular glasses!) and these little cleaners are perfect for keeping your sight lines nice and sharp!



beard oilBEARD OIL
For a man with a beard of any kind of facial hair, you can’t go wrong with beard oil. This is a popular, affordable option or if you want something a little more lux, this French brand is fantastic (Bart’s getting a new bottle of this in his stocking this year).




mini lego setMINI LEGO SET
If he’s never grown out of loving LEGO, a mini set is a perfect stocking stuffer. I won’t lie, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen – I’m not even a LEGO person and I wouldn’t hate to see it in my own stocking.



Someone suggested this on Instagram and I was instantly hooked on the idea. These different flavors are all so fun and perfect for spreading out among a few stockings!


zipchipZIP CHIP
This mini frisbee is perfectly portable and thus also ideal for a stocking stuffer because it’s so tiny. Small enough to pop in your pocket, you’ll never be stuck outdoors without something to toss around with a kid or friend!



mini gorilla glueTINY GORILLA GLUE
This is one of those things that you never think of having around and then turn out to be WILDLY handy and you wonder how you lived without them.




Flashlights are one of those things you can’t really own too many of – it’s handy to have them in your car, your bedside table or desk drawer! This mini one is ultra-portable and super affordable.



milk frotherFROTHER
For any guy who uses protein powder or greens powder or wants a fancy coffee, this frother will get daily use! My husband uses ours every day.




guitar pickGUITAR PICK
If you have a guitar player, a fun new pick is inexpensive and perfect for even the smallest stocking.




gear tiesCORD TIES
I DESPISE cords hanging out (got that little quirk from my dad) and these cord ties are a simple way to keep them tidy!




lightsaber chopsticksLIGHTSABER CHOPSTICKS
If you love a funny stocking stuffer gift, these lightsaber chopsticks in a ton of different color options are just way delightful.



Any other fantastic ideas for stocking stuffers for men? Leave them in the comments – I’d love to hear what great gifts you are getting them this holiday season!


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    1. Flushable wipes of any brand are terrible for the septic and sewer system. Most people don’t know it because it says they’re “safe” but that doesn’t mean they’re good. Look it up, “Adam Ruins Everything” did an episode on it too.

  1. Usually a pair of sunglasses is a nice go to- my husband can never keep track of his so we don’t spend more than 15 on them🙃 also do a business book and a favorite candy or snack! I love the keyboard cleaner- I think that will make the list this year!

  2. These are great ideas! I also found a cheap little kit for cleaning AirPods – that will be going in my husbands stocking for sure.

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