My 10 Favorite Products of 2022

I live for the end of the year “best of” lists.

Best books you read? Best blog posts you wrote? Favorite foods you ate?

Give me all of them!

For the last three years, I’ve put together an end-of-year list of some of my very favorite products (you can see the 2019 list here, the 2020 list here, and the 2021 list here) and now I keep a mental list running all year long for the products that will make this year’s cut!

Here are the 10 products I’ve absolutely loved over the past year:

favorite products 2022

My 10 Favorite Products of 2022

stance tab socksSTANCE TAB SOCKS
I LOVE these workout socks. I got three pairs in the summer and a few months later I ordered four or five more pairs so I never ran out and got rid of all my other workout socks. They are 100x better than any of the other ones I’ve ever worn.


dry dropsDRY DROPS
The worst part of painting your own nails is waiting for them to dry and these Dry Drops have changed my life because they make my nails hard so quickly and I don’t have to wait around for three hours to be able to use my hands again normally.


mascara primerMASCARA PRIMER
I started using this mascara primer (use the code JANSSEN10) last month when it first came out and every day I look at myself in the mirror and think, “my lashes look AMAZING.” I truly can’t believe my real eyelashes look like this (I also use BabeLash growth serum – my code is JANSSEN).


nail polish organizerNAIL POLISH ORGANIZER
My Olive & June nail polish collection has gotten embarrassingly large, so I ordered this nail polish organizer to keep them all in one spot and easy to see. I LOVE it so much. By the way, when I mentioned it on Instagram, someone told me that it’s also terrific for keeping LEGO mini figs in one place – brilliant!


We own way too many hair brushes, but this is the one I reach for again and again (and so do my girls!). It feels great in your hand, the bristles don’t push into the handle (which has happened with most of our other brushes), and it does such a good job brushing through hair. I really should just get rid of all our other brushes!

down duvet comforterDOWN DUVET COMFORTER
I bought a king size duvet for our room when we upgraded to a king back in 2016 and it’s never been great. This year, I finally ordered a down alternative one from Brooklinen – we went with the all-season version – and every night when I get in bed, I die a little at how fluffy and wonderful it is. (I’m going to cheat a little here and sneak in an extra favorite item – Brooklinen’s super plush bath towels are unreal). Use the code everyday20 for $20 off orders over $100.

thermal leggingsTHERMAL LEGGINGS
I run or walk several mornings a week and with the chilly winter temperatures, I always reach for a pair of these thermal leggings. I also wear them for skiing. Use the code EVERYDAY for 15% off your first order.


coco flossCOCOFLOSS
I heard about this floss for a solid two years and never felt excited enough about buying floss to actually order it and then three spools of it came in my last FabFitFun box and . . . this floss is the real deal. I have always been a poor flosser (apologies to my dentist dad) and I still don’t floss every day but for the last year, I’ve been consistently flossing multiple times a week because this floss is really the best floss ever. After several months of using it, I made Bart try it out and he said “I can understand why you like this floss so much.” It’s way more effective at cleaning between your teeth, it doesn’t cut your gums up like some floss and it has some fun scents (which is a very minor bonus to me – fun, but not anything to write home about). I feel very much like a middle-aged person to be this into floss, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re beginning the climb into your late thirties.

kizik shoesKIZIK SHOES
I got these purple sneakers (Prague style in Lavender) in the fall and was dubious that they could even come close to my beloved Ecco Sneakers and . . . they passed the test! I LOVE them. They’re super comfortable right out of the box (I wore them on a several mile walk without any breaking in and didn’t even notice them) and they’re simple to put on and take off without having to tie or untie them. They live up to the hype and I’m definitely eyeing a second pair (I ordered pairs for each of my girls for Christmas!). Use the code EVERYDAYREADING.

fabric shaverFABRIC SHAVER
I bought this at the beginning of the year, opened it up and saw it needed batteries and left it in my drawer for probably six months. I finally popped some batteries in (which, naturally, took all of 5 seconds) and went to work on the egg chair in my office which I LOVE (the photo above is it in my old office) and also was extremely extremely pilled. Five minutes later and it looked brand new again with all those annoying little fuzz bobbles completely gone. It seriously is a miracle worker and the best $9 I’ve spent in ages. I’ve used it on all my upholstered furniture, my sweaters, throw pillows and anything else I can think of!

These earrings slid in at the last moment because I only got them a few weeks ago, but I LOVE THEM so much that I couldn’t leave them off. They’re a perfect mix of classic and fun and I find myself reaching for them literally every day. Plus, you can’t beat the price (and use the code JANSSEN for 15% off!)

And here are some favorite products this year from the Everyday Reading team!


walli phone caseWalli Case
This phone case has the two things I’ve been on the hunt for – a finger strap and a card holder. It’s crazy convenient and all of the patterns are so good! I love, love mine. If you want to try one too (you won’t regret it), you can get 10% off your order with the code everydayreading!



laudry stain removerDe-Solv-It Laundry Saver
I realize my life is not exciting if this is on my favorite things list, but this has truly saved SO many of my family’s clothes. It removes tons and tons of different kinds of stains –  my favorite being those pesky stains you don’t notice until you pull it out of the dryer. Spray it with a little De-Solv-It, wash again and watch the “set” stain disappear.


wrapping paper storageWrapping Paper Storage Organizer
Before I bought this, I had my wrapping paper stacked in an old vacuum box and all of my tissue paper and ribbon was tangled up in a brown grocery bag. It was so frustrating to get at and as much as I love wrapping gifts, I avoided it. I also don’t have a craft room, sewing room or office, so I needed some solution that took up little space. This has been perfect and slides under our bed for easy storage!


vegetable cutterVegetable Cutter
I will do just about anything for a dinner recipe that takes only 15-30 minutes of my time. I noticed the one thing that was taking an enormous amount of  dinner prep time was chopping veggies so I invested in this handy dandy vegetable cutter and I will never go back. I can get anything chopped in a fraction of the time and my kids love helping. Plus it’s dishwasher safe.



dawn powerwashDawn Powerwash Dish Soap Spray
Have you tried this dish soap spray yet? If you haven’t you definitely should. I was influenced, not by Janssen, but by her husband Bart! We went over to their house for dinner and after we finished eating, Bart attacked the dirty dishes like a pro. He used this for the pots, pans and baking dishes and had them clean in about three minutes flat. It was very impressive. Pretty sure I went home that same evening and ordered this. Now I just need Bart to teach my husband how to wash the dishes with the same efficiency.


air fryerAir Fryer
I was on the fence for a long time about an air fryer and wasn’t sure it would be worth the real estate in my limited-space kitchen. Well, I took the plunge and have never looked back. I use it more than my crockpot, instapot and toaster oven combined. It is a game changer for reheating pizza, or any leftovers really. It makes them taste just as good as the first day without making them tough or soggy like the microwave will do. Veggies, salmon, hash browns, red potatoes- all big winners in the air fryer. (Oh and when you need to wash said air fryer, refer to the dish spray above. It cleans it with no problem.)


smart led bulbsSmart LED Bulbs
When we came back from a week long trip, our front porch lights were burned out. When I went to get replacements, I got these at the store. These have made life so much easier! You can set the time and day the lights go on via an app without manually switching them on and off daily. But my favorite part is they can be set to any color you like, even holiday presets! No extra color bulbs needed.


baby nail fileBaby Nail File
There is nothing that makes me cringe more than clipping baby nails. It’s one of my greatest fears! I got this little nail file to easy my worries with our second baby this last year. It gets the job done without the fear of clipping a little finger. I even use it on myself to even out a jagged nail.


And if you want even MORE favorite things, my husband put together a list of HIS favorite products from 2022!

I’d love to hear your favorite products this year – big or small. Let me know in the comments!

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