House Tour: Tally’s Navy Nursery

When I was nearing the end of my pregnant with Ella, I remember sitting on the couch crying over the fact that we didn’t have a nursery for her (hello, first world problems with a hearty dose of pregnancy hormones for good measure).

We lived in a teeny one-bedroom apartment in Boston and we squeezed a tiny bassinet in our room and set up a dresser for her in the entry way.

Then, we ended up moving back to Texas very suddenly just a couple of weeks after she was born and our new apartment had two bedrooms, thanks to Texas being approximately ten thousand times cheaper than Boston.

We never did a lot of real decorating in that apartment, but it was so nice to have a dedicated space for her with room for a rocker, a crib, and a bookshelf, plus a few photos on the wall.

When Ani was born, she slept in the guest bathroom for several months until we moved to North Carolina and she got her own room. I LOVED that little room and I have so many happy memories of nursing her in the mornings in there before the day really got started or singing to her in the glider before a nap or bedtime.

We put together a decent(ish) little nursery for Star in our second North Carolina house but she never actually slept a day in it (Ani slept in there until we moved to Arizona) and then Star went into one of the big downstairs bedrooms in this house that has yet to be re-painted, re-carpeted or decorated.

But when we painted and re-carpeted Ani’s room last summer, I knew I was pregnant and that this room would eventually be the baby’s navy nursery.

I was very happy with how it looked as Ani’s room (you can see the full tour here), but she’s at such a messy age that the room was always a disaster and I was just getting so tired of seeing it a million times a day.

About a month ago, when Tally’s sleep schedule was starting to get a bit more regular and she clearly needed a little more quiet in the mornings to keep sleeping instead of being woken up by Bart and me getting ready for the day, we moved Ani to the guest bedroom and changed her room into the nursery.

Navy Nursery

Navy Nursery

Navy Nursery

Navy Nursery

Navy Nursery

Navy Nursery

Navy Nursery

Navy Nursery

Navy Nursery

In my post about Ani’s room, I said it was one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Now, it’s hands-down my favorite room in the house.

I LOVE this blue paint (it’s Naval from Sherwin-Williams) and it’s just such a peaceful, quiet space.

We moved the bookshelf to the opposite wall, where it acts as a nice side table for the double rocker, so I can keep my book up there to read while I’m nursing.

I went back and forth about getting a new crib, but finally decided it was worth it because Star still takes killer naps in her crib every day and I didn’t want to move her to a bed prematurely (I hate it when they start sleeping in a bed and bedtime becomes WAY more difficult).

The original crib has held up amazingly well after three moves and three children, but Ella scraped up one whole side of it with her pacifier, and I was ready for something new.

I went with a Babyletto crib again because I’ve loved our first one so much and they have such great designs for a very reasonable price (I was also reallllly tempted by this one in the white/natural, but Bart wasn’t as much of a fan). The white really pops against the navy nursery walls.

Navy Nursery

Navy Nursery

I love how it looks with the rug underneath, although I do have to readjust it every day or two because it just moves a lot on the carpet, even with the crib holding it in place.

This pouf has been in my office for the last six months, but it mainly just sat unused in the corner, so I brought it in and now it gets used daily to both put my feet up on while I nurse or rock Tally or for the other girls to jump off and pretend to fly. I’m sure that’s what they meant it to be used for.

Navy Nursery

The best part is that the nursery stays so clean and every time I go in there, I think “How do I get the rest of my house to feel this calm and nice?”

Almost every day, I tell Bart, “This is the nursery of my dreams.” I love everything about it.

Now to get Ani’s new room looking decent.


Blue Paint: Naval by Sherwin-Williams (leftover from this room)
White Paint: Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams
Floral Crib Sheet: Copper Pearl
Map Print: Raeann Kelly
Frame: Michael’s
Double rocking chair
Quilt and blue and pink pillows: Made by my mom
White Pillow: c/o Hayneedle
Bookshelf: old from Home Decorator’s Collection
Rug: Overstock
Toy Basket: Home Goods
Lamp: c/o Land of Nod
Pouf: c/o Land of Nod

Navy Nursery

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  1. Love the paint color! We painted our guest room, and subsequently our bedroom navy-and I could not love it more! It’s cozy, and the furniture really pops against it. Thinking about using the leftover paint for the kitchen!
    Beautiful nursery!

  2. Love the room. I have to admit I was a tad bit disappointed to see you didn’t continue with the hand-lettered name canvas as you did in the other girls’ rooms. I absolutely love your girls’ names; so I was hoping to get a peek at Tally’s real name. 🙂 But a lovely room; way more relaxing and comforting than I would have thought of with such a dark blue.

  3. This is gorgeous! I’m doing a navy master bedroom and a friend recommended your page because you’ve done navy walls. I’m curious what finish you prefer for such a dark color. I want a super suede look so I’m leaning towards matte but I’m concerned about showing dirt with 2 kids and a dog. What did you go with and why? How does it hold up?

    1. I always use Satin – it feels like the perfect combo of shine and flat. It wipes off easily (we had Satin in our kitchen too for the past three years) but it’s not just reflecting everything.

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