Here we go again. . .

We decided last night to repaint our living room. We painted it sort of a tan/yellow a few months ago, and both of us are just unhappy with it. Bart decided almost the day we painted that he didn’t like it, and, over the last weeks, I’ve grown to deeply dislike it too. It’s just too mustardy-colored. I’ve realized I just don’t really care for tans or browns.

We’ve decided to paint it white, which is a decision that surprised me. I’ve always thought I disliked white walls, but I’ve come to realize that’s not really true, for a number of reasons. I do not like white walls with white carpet because then it’s just bllllllaaaaah. I also don’t like white walls in an empty room. And I really don’t like yellow/white walls. When we moved into our house, the walls were yellow/white, and I hated that.

Fortunately, we don’t have white carpet. We have gorgeous bright wood floors, which I think will look marvelous with our white walls. We also have furniture that is not white, and we have things on the walls. We looked through the Pottery Barn catalog last night and most of my favorite rooms were white – they just looked so sunny and gorgeous, both in winter and in summer. My friend, Meleah, has a white kitchen, and both time I’ve been to her house, I’ve loved how the kitchen looks. Also, our kitchen is red, so I think the white will look fantastic in contrast to that. Now it’s just a matter of finding the right white.

While it is the biggest room in our house, it’s also mostly just big flat walls, so it’s pretty fast to paint. The two of us painted it last time in a single evening.

We’ve bought the paint (Polar Bear by Behr, if you’re curious), and tomorrow morning, bright and late, we’ll be shoving furniture into the middle of the room and taping like maniacs. FUN!

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  1. You guys are crazy. We hate to paint, so much that we would probably just leave it an ugly color for a really long time before considering painting. Way to be.

  2. I’m a little more like you and Jared, Kristy. But now that I’m sitting here in our pristinely white living room, I’m glad we went for it. Yesterday was a long painting day, but today is a day of rest and satisfaction.

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