Little Things Make Me Happy

I think there is nothing quite so wonderful as going to work and having unexpected food arrive. When I worked at Sports and Dance Camps at BYU, my boss Von would randomly show up with several cartons of Einstein Bagels with various cream cheeses as accompaniment. One of the other boss/friends, Jennifer, is the world’s best baker and she brought in such an array of treats over the course of that eight months that I’m afraid no other other job will ever quite compare. She brought in these absolutely wonderful gingersnaps (ooh…mmm), peaches and cream cake, chocolate chip cookies, and practically every other delicious food the mind can conceive. It wasn’t a particularly great way to prepare to wear a wedding dress, but fortunately I spent so much time putting up and taking down mini soccer goals, that it all seemed to work itself out.

I knew today would be a good day when our CEO brought in a box of cookies for our meeting, but then, at around eleven, I heard my boss tell one of the ladies those words I dream of: “Why don’t you order lunch for the meeting?” It is hard to compete with a roast beef sandwich on sourdough bread with mayonnaise, mustard, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce, with sunchips and a massive chocolate chip cookie. One can hardly complain about a job that brings such excellent fringe benefits.

Today was also lovely because I bought two pounds of strawberries and made freezer jam this afternoon when I got home. When we went camping last weekend, someone brought along a container of strawberry freezer jam, and Bart and I decided that our lives would be sorely lacking if we didn’t obtain some for ourselves, and soon. Fortunately, the strawberries were on sale this morning, and now the jam is sitting on the counter setting (that’s an awkward sentence).

Other reasons today rocked, you ask? Well, it just so happens that I’m going to tell you about two other small things that made today a particularly grand day.

First, I wore this nifty necklace that I’m very fond of and which several people commented on (I refrained from blurting out that it only cost me two quarters. . .let them think what they will).

Second, and this may seem unspeakably lame, I bought a new bottle of nail polish on Saturday and I’m very pleased with it. It just looks so summery.

Oh yes, life is good.

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  1. I love love LOVE strawberry freezer jam! My family has a bit of a strange snack involving the stuff, which we all love and the inlaws all roll their eyes at. Ok, hear me out before you judge. Take your favorite piece of bread (homemade white or banana are my faves) spread generously with freezer jam and top with a few slices of cheddar cheese. Oh, it’s heaven! Although I must warn you – very few outside my immediate family actually like this combo on first (or 2nd) tasting. But it’s my favorite snack in the world!

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