Everything to Know About Pura Scents

Have you used Pura? It’s a smart home scent diffuser that plugs into a regular outlet and dispenses fragrance at the intensity and on the schedule you choose. They have AMAZING scents to choose from and you can use the code JANSSEN for 15% off any purchase!

Have you heard of Pura?

I’d never heard of it until a friend gave me one of these smart home scent diffuser as a gift earlier this year and I was immediately OBSESSED.

I love a good smelling house, but I worry about candles both for fire and health reasons, and Pura solved both of those problems for me.

After a week of having my Pura device plugged in, I was totally hooked and for my birthday ordered a bunch of new fragrances.


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Also, you know how with a lot of scent dispensers, you smell them constantly for 2 days and then you can’t smell them at all?

Pura is not like that. I notice it every day and it delights me every single time.

I feel a little funny, actually, how much I LOVE this thing because it’s really not any big deal, but it just makes me SO HAPPY. I can’t even explain it.

Here’s how Pura Scents work:

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Everything to Know About Pura Scents

When you get your Pura smart home scent diffuser device, download the free app and set up an account.

Then scan the QR code on your fragrance bottle, pop them in and set a schedule for them.

I have mine run from about 7 in the morning until 8 at night and it lives in our dining room.

You can also have it set to turn off when you’re not at home and you can choose what scent intensity you want it to go at (mine is usually at a 5 out of 10), plus you can choose whether or not to use the nightlight function and if you do, what color you want it to display.

pura review

Of course, a fragrance device is only as good as the actual fragrance and Pura knocked it out of the park.

They’ve partnered with well-known fragrance brands like Capri Blue (they’re the ones who make that amazing Volcano candle that every Anthropologie burns to make the whole store smell like heaven) and Nest.

I’ve ordered a half dozen different scents and every single one of them has been a winner (and I say this as someone who is an EXTREMELY picky candle buyer. I’m usually saying things like “too minty” or “too chemically” or “too sweet”).

And every time I get an email that a new scent has been released, I’m like “Oooooh! I need to try that one too.”

The best part is that all their scents have free 30 day exchanges & returns, so if you order one and hate it, you can swap it out for something different.

pura review

You can put two different fragrances in at once and have them alternate or just have two of the same fragrance in and run them until they’re both gone.

Volcano is my go-to scent, so I pretty much always have one of those in there and then I swap out seasonal scents in the other slot. I LOVED Tinsel & Spice all through November and I just swapped it out for Crystal Pine this week when we put up our (fake) Christmas tree and it truly smells like the most amazing fresh pine tree in our whole main floor. I LOVE it.

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If you’re ordering fragrances, it’s worth buying two at a time because then you get free shipping.

Also, here’s my trick – you get 30% off if you subscribe to a scent, instead of buying it as a one-off (plus you can use the code JANSSEN for an additional 15% off). So I always subscribe and set it as a 3 month subscription.

Then before that three months comes up, I just cancel the subscription or swap out that scent for a new one (in February, I don’t really want pumpkin-scented fragrance). Easy, peasy.

pura scents

And I love that all the Pura scents are clean fragrances made without harmful chemicals or ingredients and that are safe for kids and pets.

Basically, it’s my new favorite thing on the planet, especially during the holidays and I just can’t get enough of it.

And when I put my artificial Christmas tree up next week?

You better believe I’ll have my Pura filled with the Crystal Pine scent!

(P.S. I’ve found that my fragrances last a little over a month each, so one per month is just about right for one diffuser).

pura scents

Any other questions about Pura? I’m happy to answer!


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Photos by Heather Mildenstein

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    1. Open up the Pura Application on ur phone and click the Deliveries button. Beside each scent listed is the option to “Swap” the scent.

  1. Just curious what your schedule is set at. I have three throughout the main areas of my house and I rarely smell them. My husband is trying to get the best bang for our buck but I’m trying to point out that it’s pointless to have if you can’t smell them… I know we need to up our intensity just trying to figure out the best length of time.

    1. Intensity of 5 – 6. But on a schedule that starts at 9am and ends at 10pm. Plus, it turns off while I’m away.

  2. When your app reads empty or low and you can’t smell any longer I know its time to change. When I go to change it seems to alway have more oil. I hate to waste this. Do you have extra oil left when you change?

      1. I toss the used ones under my car
        seat in the car. When it gets hot (Florida) the scent fills the car.
        I feel like it uses every drop that way.

  3. I have had my puras for maybe a month and a half now. I run them at 3, one at a time in the plug in. I only get like 2 weeks of scent from them?? What am I doing wrong!?

    1. I’m having the same thing happen. After only a week mine says low and I can barely even smell it unless I’m over the machine

  4. Will the scents work in any other wall plug in device? I don’t have internet at our home but would still love to try the scents!

  5. I really want to love this but I just cant smell my fragrance unless I out my nose up to it. Any recommendations?

    1. In the Pura application click on the scent that is grayed out and then click the start button at the bottom of the screen.

    2. Open the Pura application, click the scent that is “grayed out” in the app and then click the start button at the bottom of the page.

    3. I am having the same issue. Every time I start one the other goes gray (turns off). Anyone know how to run two scents at same time?

  6. I am not able to log into my account to cancel a subscription I didn’t know I had. After numerous emails and requests for a reset key to reset the password on an account I didn’t know I have, I still can’t get any support. I’ve asked for a phone number to call and it seems like the company can only be reached via email. I even called a number listed on the BBB website (rating D- with complaints about customer service of same nature), but the voice mail box is full. Does anybody have a good number for this company? I really would like to speak with a representative to get my subscription and account cancelled. Thanks for your help.

  7. You CANNOT run 2 fragrances at once in same pura.
    When you click on the gray Pura that isn’t on. Once you hit start on the selected diffuser, it automatically turns the opposite one off. You can only run 1 side at a time..

  8. Do you have to buy there specific product or is there a way to do your own oils in there scent insert? I am big on clean scents, I don’t want anything artificial or that said “fragrance” cause the FDA doesn’t make companies specify what that is made of. I want clean, I want to know what my air is filled with.

  9. My question is that I have purchased several devices of Pura. I have one of my hallway and one of my living room. Can I use them both simultaneously?

  10. Any tips on choosing a scent for a baby’s room? Let me know if you have tried one that you think would be a winner! Diaper Genie just doesn’t always 1000% cover up the poo poo scent 🙁

    1. Bar & Co Original Scent – it’s milk, oatmeal, vanilla and vetiver. Very soothing and not too sweet

    2. Bar & Co Original Scent – it’s milk, oatmeal, vanilla and vetiver. Very soothing and not too sweet. Jenn, I also like “BOS Amazing Odor-Sealing Bags” for diapers.

  11. Can I use one scent different times of the day. Example: say from 8-10am and then again 2-3pm? I can’t figure it out. It seems to only let you set just one schedule per fragrance. Thanks

  12. A lot of essential oils are toxic for dogs. Are the fragrances oil and if so what makes them safer to use around dogs than essential oil? I want to try this, but don’t want to hurt my dog. Thanks

  13. Are the fragrances just in a regular bottle that I could use with my current oil diffuser or are they only compatible with the actual Pura device?

  14. I have the Pura device and seems very costly for what it is. Just get some essential oils and a diffuser, much cheaper!

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