House Tour: Nursery

I really like a simple nursery.

This room, tucked at the very back of the house, stays nice and clean (Ella’s room next door . . . not so much) and going in there is so relaxing.

Also, when I made this mobile back a few weeks ago, I hung it from one of the shelves in my office so it’d be the right height for photographing (which is why you can’t believe everything you see on a blog).

And then it stayed there. I kept thinking “I should really go hang that up” but I always thought that during nap time or when the girls were down for the night, so it didn’t happen.

I finally got around to hanging it in the nursery this week, and I love how it looks. And on the rare occasions that I rock Star in there (since she still sleeps in our room and Ani sleeps in this room), she can’t take her eyes off it.

I didn’t photograph the tent that Ani usually sleeps in – she’s now rotating between the tent and the crib depending on her mood and the position of Neptune.

P.S. A Summer Afternoon, the shop that sells that darling bus, is giving away a $75 shop credit. You can enter over on Instagram – we have one of their wooden Ferris Wheels and it’s to-die-for cute.

Simple bright nursery

Crib: Amazon (gift from my parents when Ella was born)
Blanket: made by my mom
Name Canvas: DIY
Dresser: c/o Home Decorators Collection
Mobile: DIY (tutorial here)
Wooden Bus: c/o A Summer Afternoon
Basket: Home Goods
Frames: Michael’s
Pitcher: Sur La Table
Prints: from this book
Glider and Ottoman: Craigslist
Pillow: made by my mom

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  1. I've always wanted a glider–so much better than a rocking chair. Alas, moving into the ancestral manor means a house totally stuffed with furniture of a sentimental nature (read: can't be disposed of), which in turn means no room for anything new. I would trade the totally impractical fainting couch for a glider in a second. Unfortunately, that's not an option.

  2. This is beautiful. Love the simplicity of it all – and I especially love how well-loved the books are. Seems perfect from a blog named Everyday Reading. 🙂

  3. I love the DIY name canvas (and seeing Star's real name!), how did you do the lettering? I would love to do something similar in our nursery.

  4. I love those signs that you made above all your girls beds! Also, that dresser is like the dresser of my dreams for Kyle's room. Unfortunately for him he gets plastic sterilite drawers 😉

  5. What is the color of your wall paint? Looking for a good white for my house and really love the white in your nursery!

    1. Sadly, I have no idea, since this is a rental house and it was painted when we got here. Good luck picking one!

    1. We love it! I feel like so much of our furniture I've been less than thrilled with over the years, but I've loved that crib from the minute it arrived and I still love it.

  6. I framed illustrations from a children's book for our nursery too. It's such an easy way to hang something you love. (And that not everyone else has.)

  7. As I was doing dishes today I thought of you hanging up that mobile at "the right height for photographing." Made me smile. Thanks for keeping it real! 😀

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