House Tour: Tally’s Little Girl Bedroom

We’ve lived in this house a little over two years now and while we’ve done a LOT of things, there are still a staggering amount of projects to do.

While I’m ignoring all of those projects (or working on them VERY slowly), it’s very nice to have Tally’s room put together now.

I shared her room about 18 months ago, back when her flooring was still linoleum and the window ledges were made of texture peach tile (not a good look) and every day I love walking into her room and having it so much better looking.

I’d painted the room a few months after we moved in, but because of the old paint, the new paint didn’t adhere very well and when we had our entire main floor repainted by a professional, they redid the paint in her room so it would actually, you know, stick to the wall.

This past summer, we had the trim redone in the whole room, including around the windows.

Tally had transitioned to the toddler bed version of her crib a few months ago, and once the new carpet was in, we disassembled the crib, gave it to a young couple in our neighborhood expecting their first baby, and assembled the twin bed from our old house that had been hanging out in the closet for two years.

We’d taken the mattress for that bed for the top bunk in the shared girls’ room, so I ordered a new mattress from Sweet Night (use the code JANSSEN for 20% off) and a new set of Beddy’s zipper bedding.

I’d been planning to do book ledges in this room for ages – I’d loved them in my office in our Arizona house and had been anxiously awaiting a new place to install them in this house.

I also bought a small table and chairs set for her room, along with a rug (more to protect my expensive new carpet under her coloring space than anything else).

With the new arrangement, the double rocker we’d had in here since we moved in was just too big and short, so I swapped it for the lighter, taller bird cage chair that was in the girls’ shared bunk room. And it was perfect! The height worked better with the twin bed, plus the wood tones matched the little table and chairs.

For Christmas, we bought the two little girls a play kitchen and it fits perfectly against the wall and gets played with all day every day.

In the next couple of months, we hope to have new doors – including the closet doors – installed, and that will be one of the last updates.

Any questions about this little girl bedroom? Happy to answer!

Blue Paint: Naval by Sherwin-Williams
White PaintAlabaster by Sherwin-Williams
Twin Bed: Hayneedle
Bedding: Beddy’s zipper bedding
Bedside Table: Schoolhouse Electric
Lamp: Crate and Kids
Sound Machine: Amazon
CD Player: Walmart
Bird Cage Chair: World Market
Agave PrintJuniper Print Shop
Play Kitchen: Walmart
Play Table and Chairs: IKEA
Book Ledges: IKEA
Toy Basket: Home Goods


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Photos by Heather Mildenstein

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  1. How much does the chair actually get used? It looks awesome, and have been thinking of adding something similar to our boys’ rooms, but just curious if they ever actually sit in it (versus it being for mere decoration). Thanks!

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