Two Years in This House

Today marked two years since we moved into this house.

I talked last year about how it felt like absolutely everything lined up perfectly for us to buy this house and we’ve loved it from the moment we moved in, sculpted shag carpet and all.

Now, two years later, this house looks quite a bit different than it did that first time we walked in with the realtor.

I like tallying up the changes we’ve made each year since in real time it can feel like progress is SO SLOW. It’s nice to see a concrete list of improvements and see that, yes, we’ve definitely come a long way in the last 12 months.

Since last November, we’ve:

To be honest after all the house projects this spring and summer, I needed a little break but I’m ready to dive into some new ones in the next few months.

I’m hoping by this time next year, we’ll have remodeled both bathrooms, replaced all the exterior and interior doors, had the fireplace trimmed out, and redone Bart’s office/gym.

The major stretch goal would be getting new carpet in the whole downstairs – I’m not holding my breath for that one. There are just too many other project that need to be done first (carpet is one of the last things to get fixed) so it’s unlikely.

The trick is to just keep moving forward, one project at a time.

With or without any of those new projects getting done, I love this little house every single day.

Especially this year, as we’ve spent so much time at home, I’m so grateful we live here.

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  1. Wow! I’m truly amazed at how much you were able to complete in a year, esp as you were still living there for all of it. We just closed on a home last month, and even with us not having moved in all of our stuff yet, it’s been tough to get all the projects done (although that’s largely compounded by the fact that we live over two hours away from it). I’ve always loved seeing how much you guys transform each house that you live in—it’s inspiring to me!

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