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Ella Enjoyed: 5 Books to Add to a Book List for 7th Graders

Someone asked last week in the Friday Questions on Instagram if Ella was going to be back with more reviews and raps.

Well, here are the reviews and we’ll cross our fingers for a rap reprieve on InstaStories sometime this week or next!

Ella Enjoyed: book list for 7th graders

smART booksmART by Amy E. Herman
208 pages
Amy E. Herman’s book, Visual Intelligence, has been adapted into a kid-friendly non-fiction book and when I got a copy of it, I handed it off to Ella thinking she might like it. And WOW did she like it – she kept bringing it to Bart and me to show us the different puzzles and see how observant we were. If you have a reader who loved I Spy books or Where’s Waldo? this book is perfect for helping them take their critical thinking and creative problem solving skills to the next level! 

What Ella has to say: I don’t usually like non-fiction, it’s not really the non-fiction’s fault, it’s just I prefer fun and magical books. This was one of the exceptions. It was so fun to read, I loved the puzzles and I loved how fun it was to read. I also learned a lot from it, I feel like I’m more observant after reading it. If you like learning but also exciting books, this is the book for you.

from the desk of zoe washington bookFrom the Desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Marks
320 pages
Zoe Washington has a lot going on in her life. Her father went to jail before Zoe was born for a terrible crime but on Zoe’s 12th birthday she gets a letter from her dad claiming he’s innocent. Zoe is determined to get to the bottom of his claim AND she’s trying to balance her baking internship and convince her parents to let her compete in a television baking show. (P.S. This book is included in Kindle Unlimited).

What Ella has to say: I liked this book because I love baking, so this book taught me a lot about that. Also, I felt so bad for Zoe and her dad and was really into the book the entire time. I would say this book is good for people who like realistic fiction like Front Desk.

wink book Wink by Rob Harrell
336 pages
Ross has one wish – to be a totally normal kid. But it’s hard to blend in with a hat, hair falling out, or friends that don’t know how to interact to someone with cancer. His rare form of eye cancer is keeping him from living that dream. Can he recover his friends, hair, and peace of mind? This book is based on the author’s own experiences which makes it extra poignant.

What Ella has to say: I listened to this book with Ani and we both really enjoyed it. It taught me a lot about cancer and cancer treatments, which was something I didn’t know much about. I liked how Ross spent time making music instead of focusing on his eye cancer, and how supportive his parents work. This isn’t my favorite book of all time, but it’s definitely a really good one.

spirit animals bookSpirit Animals by Brandon Mull
208 pages
This fantasy book series has seven books (each written by a different well-known children’s fantasy author), so they’ll keep you busy for a nice long time. During their separate summoning ceremonies, four children from different countries summon their own spirit animals. But these are not just any spirit animals, they are the Four Fallen – great beasts who died in a terrible war years before. Now it’s up to the four children and four animals to fight back agains the coming darkness. 

What Ella has to say: I read this series about two years ago and loved it so much that I read it again this year. These are some of my favorite fantasy books, they are exciting with lots of twists and turns and the characters are so well rounded! There are so many fun plot twists and the characters are amazing. This has got to be one of my very favorite series, and I will definitely be reading it at least one more time.

genius files bookThe Genius Files by Johnnie Christmas
304 pages

We started the first Genius Files audiobook in the car on our way to go skiing, and Ella and Ani loved it so much they blew through the rest of the series on their own. If you have a child who loves James Ponti books (like City Spies), this is a series they won’t want to miss. These books are so funny and delightful, with a great narrator and crazy plots. (P.S. The first four books are included with Audible Plus!).

What Ella has to say: I LOVE The Genius Files! It’s probably my favorite book on this Ella Enjoyed. They are so funny and I learned so many random trivia facts – one of my favorite things. Fair warning, once you read one, you have to read the other 4, because they all end in cliffhangers. My favorite thing about these books are the cyphers, plot twists, and the cliffhangers. I know that a lot of people don’t like cliffhangers, but I love them, they make me want to keep reading and keep things interesting.


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