8 Excellent Audiobook Subscription Options

I love audiobooks. (Surprise! You had no idea, did you?).

So I’m always on the hunt for new audiobook subscription services that will make it easy and affordable for both me and my family to listen to all the audiobooks we can handle.

Obviously, if your library has audiobook options through Overdrive/Libby or Hoopla or RBDigital or others, that’s an amazing too.

But if you want to skip the long hold lines and get the audiobook you want, right when you want it, these audiobook subscriptions are all fantastic options.

And if you know of others, I’m all ears!

8 Excellent Audiobook Subscription Options

  1. Audible. If there is one gold standard for an audiobook subscription, it’s Audible. They have the single biggest audiobook library and not only do you get 1 audiobook per month with a standard subscription, you also get access to the whole Audible Plus catalog which is basically like Netflix for audiobooks. (You can try Audible for free for a month here and keep your audiobooks forever even if you don’t keep up your membership). I have an entire post here about how Audible works if you have questions!
  2. Libro.fm. It’s about the same price as Audible, but you can select an independent bookstore and they’ll share part of the profits from your membership or any one-off purchases with that bookstore. It’s $14.95 per month for one credit which you can use for any audiobook. (You can also get 2 audiobooks your first month with the code JANSSEN). I wrote a full post here about how Libro.fm works. You can also use Libro.fm to make Yoto cards.
  3. EPIC! Epic! bills themselves as the Netflix of digital books for children and it’s not far off, since they have a really great collection (like 35,000+), including e-books and audiobooks, plus read along books (under the tab “Read to Me”). They have a bunch of fiction AND non-fiction and you can sign up for a free 30 day trial here.
  4. Audiobooks.com. Similar to LibroFm or Audible, this is a monthly audiobook subscription that lets you choose one book each month from their extensive audiobook collection. You can try it for a month free here and you’ll get to pick TWO audiobooks, plus a third book from their VIP collection.

  1. Pinna. This one is new to me and I’m super excited about it. It’s an audiobook subscription specifically for kids and it is a screen-free, ad-free audio streaming service for kids up to 12 years old. There are tons of audiobook options and you can try it for a month for free here!
  2. Everand. This used to be called Scribd and it is different from the above audiobook subscription options because instead of getting one audiobook a month, you have access to unlimited listening. Everand is a little glitchy and they’ll limit your access to super popular titles per month, but you’ll always have SOMETHING to listen to and it’s a very large, impressive library. For the price, it’s 100% worth it and we use it literally every day at our house. You can try it for 30 days for free here. And here’s my full post about how it works.
  3. Downpour. Downpour is a little cheaper at $12.99 a month AND they have the cool feature that many of their audiobooks can be rented instead of purchased. You have 30-60 days to listen (and you can extend for a dollar or two if you need to) so it’s perfect for books you want to listen to but don’t need to own yourself.
  4. ChirpThis is a flash deal site for audiobooks – no membership or subscription needed. Just buy the audiobooks you want when they’re on super sale and keep them forever! I have a whole post about how Chirp works here. 

Any other favorite audiobook subscriptions? I’d love to hear!


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  1. I am enjoying Chirp. No monthly fee and they have rotating selections that are sharply discounted.

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