Have you tried grocery delivery?

Remember a couple of years ago when I wrote about how grocery pickup had changed my life?

I’ve taken it one step further and drunk the grocery delivery kool-aid.

Our address in Arizona didn’t have a Walmart grocery delivery option, but when I was placing my grocery order after we moved to Utah, I noticed that it did have a grocery delivery option here.

I had no intention of using it until one week when we’d been out of town and the idea of driving 20 minutes to the closest Walmart that did pickup didn’t seem appealing at all when I was so crunched for time.

I decided that this ONCE I would pay the $10 delivery fee so I wouldn’t have to leave the house (and actually, I had a $10 coupon for Walmart, so it was kind of free, although if I’d done grocery pickup, that $10 would have been applied to my groceries instead of the delivery fee).

And. . . . now I’ve done it every week for the past three months.

grocery delivery

I just cannot overstate how convenient it is to have someone arrive at my doorstep with all my groceries. It doesn’t take any of my time and I don’t have to get four children in or out of the car. That seems worth $10 in my book.

Also, a couple of years ago, my mom mentioned how inefficient grocery shopping is – you walk around the store and put things in your cart. Then you take them out of your cart and put them on the conveyer belt. Then you put them back in your cart and load them into your car. Then you take them home and take the OUT of your car and put the groceries away. How many times can you possibly touch a box of pasta??!

Since then, it’s been hard for me to not think about what a complete waste of time grocery shopping is.

Now, I sit down on Sunday evening, make up my menu for the week (which, thanks to my meal planning service takes about 5 minutes), put in my order and then it’s delivered first thing on Monday morning. It’s like MAGIC.

I mentioned to one of my friends that I was doing grocery delivery these days and she said, “I just can’t understand how it took this long for grocery delivery to be a thing!”

Amen, sister.

Frankly, I’ve only tried Walmart grocery delivery so far, but I know that with Instacart and Shipt, you can do grocery delivery from Sprouts, Macey’s, Smith’s, Costco and Target. Since both of them offer free trials, I’m tempted to give them both a try.

Have you tried it? If so, I’d love which grocery delivery services you’ve used and if they felt worth the money to you!


P.S. If you haven’t tried Walmart grocery delivery or grocery pickup, you can use my referral code for $10 off your first order.

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  1. YES. Oh, gosh, yes.

    If I can’t manage to shop on my way home from work, I’m a half hour drive/30km from the nearest grocery store (yay country living – honestly, a lot of times, it’s easier to pop into the neighbor’s farm and beg for milk and eggs for breakfast). And they deliver. For 8$. Frankly, the wear and tear and gas on the gar, PLUS the hour of driving and extra 20 mins to half hour of shopping, with 2 kids in tow… yeah, that’s worth 8$.

    Caveat: they’re iffy on picking produce, so I do try to stop by the cheap place that’s on my way home from work if I can manage it. But otherwise, it is SUCH an excellent bandaid solution.

  2. Ohhh, I’ve never done grocery delivery! I am really liking Target’s curb-side pick-up. I do that often and it saves me so much time and money by not going in the store!

  3. When I was little, my grandmother’s small town grocer delivered groceries. We called them on the telephone (no internet) with our list. We had to leave cash (no credit cards) on the porch so the delivery guy got a tip (the tip was the delivery charge), and I just thought it was magical. I have always wished that I lived somewhere this was an option.

  4. I’ve beenusing Shipt for the past couple months and I LOVE it. It’s cheaper than your Walmart one – a hundred bucks a year is all (if your order is under $35 you pay a delivery fee but…when am I buying under $35?). That means I can order more than once a week and split my menu planning in half if I want. So if I can only think two or three days in advance, no problem, I just get three days of groceries and then order again in a few days. I dunno what times Walmart will deliver but I realized the other night we were out of cereal for the morning and instead of sending my husband to the store I just ordered it (and a million other things) to be delivered between 10 and 11 pm. I got to hang out with the hubby more and the groceries were there before bedtime. I basically can’t stop talking about how much I love this thing.

  5. Grocery delivery evangelist here. I love Instacart – app is great and they do a great job keeping your most frequently ordered items prioritized. I use it as a running grocery list (so even if I go to the store, my list is right there in the app).

  6. I used to use grocery delivery with Peapod and it was my most favorite thing! Now that we’ve moved onto a military installation, I can’t use that service anymore and it makes me sad every single week.

  7. I am a grandma of three. When mine were wee, grocery delivery was the norm. You could either shop for your groceries and have them delivered or phone in your order. You chose the time of delivery, so it was easy to take the kids and then do other errands, (or stop for ice cream), on your way home. Once home, the kids were undressed and settled and someone put your groceries on your kitchen counter for you. I always wondered why it stopped!

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