Early Summer Eating

You know how I was all “oh yeah, we basically never eat meat anymore.” You will not believe me when you look at last week’s menu.

See, we went to Costco with some friends and I bought a ridiculous amount of organic chicken thighs and then I sort of couldn’t stop myself from just throwing something in the crockpot almost every morning.





  • Alfredo and Spinach Pasta (I am mega-indebted to Kayla for sharing this deliciously easy recipe. I put all the cheese directly into the sauce instead of saving half for the serving bowl, and I add a bunch of baby spinach in the last minute or two of cooking, and I serve it over angel hair pasta instead of fettuccine)
  • Roasted Beets



You can check out more of my weekly dinner menus.

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  1. I think I'll try that Tikka Masala this week, as soon as I get plain yogurt and cream. I finally got Garam masala when we went to Colorado in April, cause you know they don't sell it in Pierre, SD!

  2. okay, talk to me about the beets. How do you make roasted beets? I have some in the fridge, but I have no idea what to do with them!

  3. Mmmmmm tikka masala… I pinned that recipe even though I'm pretty sure I pinned it before. Am too lazy to check.

    But let's talk for a second about eggs in potato salad. WHY?!?!? My mom makes The Best potato salad, but she puts eggs in it and if they aren't tiny enough I end up picking through the deliciousness. They should not be in potato salad. Oh no. They Should Not.

  4. I had made that alfredo four times before I saw the step about how only some of the cheese was supposed to go in the sauce and the rest was suppose to go on the top. I've always just put it all in. It's a good way to go.

  5. You need to eat meat once in a while. 🙂 Women of child bearing age should have 12 ounces of beef a week (spread out over the days). (Regardless of all the media hype, beef is still the only source of complete protein.)

  6. It was pretty convenient for me that you wrote this post, as I came to your blog looking for a specific recipe, thanks for saving me twenty seconds of my life 🙂

  7. I am, quite likely, the worst dinner planner of all time. I hate to plan dinners. I also hate it when at five oclock my husband asks me if he needs to get something going for dinner. It's embarrassing. Sometimes I can cover with a quick meal I planned right then 🙂 The tikka masala must be tried at once. I was SO disappointed with the last chicken tikka masala recipe I tried and it was long and hard to make. But a crock pot, even I can handle.

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