Fooling Myself

This is an outfit I’ve titled “Denial.”

When it is 95 degrees outside and you have any plans at all to leave your air-conditioned apartment, you just cannot wear a sweater. I didn’t even make it to the car (parked twenty feet from my front door) before I was pulling of this sweater.

How tragic, because I like this shirt significantly better with something over it.

Sweater: Old Navy, Shirt: Target, Belt: Ross
Jeans: Forever 21, Sandals: Old Navy

Time to acknowledge the fact that it is summer in Texas. Bring on the stand-alone tops, skirts, and shorts.

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  1. I always wonder how people manage to wear sweaters and – the horror – blazers in the summertime. When I already have 2-3 layers, there's no way I'm adding another with DC's humidity.

  2. funny–we are having the opposite problem here this week… is it too much to ask (on June 6th) to be able to go outdoors withOUT a sweater on?

  3. I am wearing the same shirt right now! I think I liked it better when I first bought it, and now I agree that I like the shirt better combined with a sweater.

  4. I LOVE your sweater. When I was in Houston recently, it was great to have a sweater for the office (SO cold with the AC cranked), but then be able to lose it when we left for lunch (SO hot outside). I've become a bigger fan of layers in the past year or two–even if it means I have to lose that outside layer too fast for my own liking. 🙂

  5. I'm having to force myself to walk out of my apartment WITHOUT a sweater layer or jacket. I feel naked.

  6. So I have been a reader for a long time. First time commen though! But I am visiting in Texas with family and stand alone shirts are the let to staying cooler than layering shirts.. Its just really hard to find modest stand alone shirts that don't need a under tank…

  7. I'm with you. Most of my clothing requires some sort of sweater or cardigan over it and it makes dressing myself in the summer SO difficult. I am now constantly on a mission to find cute/modest tees that don't require anything over or under them.

    ps. I read your blog religiously on my phone, but I only get around to the computer once in a while to actually comment. So a million comments at once is my gift to you. 🙂

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