House Tour: Walk-In Closet

One of the things I was most excited about in our new house was having a walk-in closet again.

Our previous house had just a standard sliding closet which Bart and I shared, and to be honest, it wasn’t the biggest deal.

Neither of us have tons of clothing and it wasn’t a daily hassle.

But then we walked through this house and I was SO excited about the possibility of a walk-in closet again.

The thing is that there wasn’t a walk-in closet to begin with. The room had massive floor to ceiling sliding door closets in the main bedroom area.

But off our ensuite bathroom was a small room that didn’t appear to have any real use. It was clearly the perfect place to put in a walk-in closet.

We ripped out the original closets and made them part of the main bedroom which we’d already cut in half (the other half of the room we opened up in to the living room to make it bigger, so adding the original closet space back into the room made it a reasonable size, plus gave us wall space to hang our TV.

The main hang-up for the new walk-in closet space was that there was a sliding glass exterior door inside this little random room.

So that had to go first because, one, nobody needs exterior access from your closet and two, it ate up so much of the wall space which we wanted for closet space.

Once that wall got closed in, it was time to find someone to build a closet for us.

Our designers, Rye Interiors, suggested Cutting Edge Closets and Design as someone they’d worked with before that did great work for not massive amounts of money.

Bill came over and spent about thirty minutes talking through what we wanted and making suggestions for how to best optimize the space, then he measured everything and a day or two later we had a design and a quote.

They installed the whole thing a few weeks later and then the carpet went in and when we moved in, it was SUCH a delight to unpack into this closet.

There’s plenty of space for everything and it’s just so nice to have the kind of closet space we never had in our old house (we had a VERY large walk-in closet in our Arizona house but we never did anything to optimize it, so it was just a shelf and rod all the way around.

This feels like magic to have so much built-in organization.

My favorite part of the whole thing is the shoe rack. Shoes are for sure my sartorial weakness and having a place to keep them all nicely organized makes me so happy. Plus, it’s a fun statement piece on that side of the closet.

My other favorite part is having the countertop of the built-in dresser – I love having a place to put my jewelry (this is the necklace hanger and this is the jewelry drawer set) and a few other knick-knacks.

We both added a whole bunch of these inexpensive IKEA dividers to our drawers so everything stays neat inside.

We opted to leave the window and I’m glad every day that we did. We have a light-filtering roller on the window, so it’s totally private, but it stays nice and bright during the day (we never open the roller) – bright enough that my little snake plant is thriving in here!

I added command hooks to the side of this shelving so Bart could hang up his hats.

The full-length mirror was salvaged from the mirrored closet doors that we took out of the main room and it was nice to get it for free.

It’s for sure not the fanciest walk-in closet you’ll ever see – no chandelier, no island, no rainbow organization – but it’s such a massive step up from every closet we’ve ever had, plus such a much better use of this space that was pretty wasted before.

If you have any questions about it, I’m happy to answer!


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  1. Amazon has velvet hangers that would work fantastic in that space. I bought them for my Mom for Christmas, who was frankly unhappy. I organized her closet and used the new hangers and told her “Sometimes we get what we need and not what we want.” 🙂 Ha! She loves them now and agrees they are amazing, but she didn’t get it at first.

  2. It looks great and so functional! I love the dresser top idea for jewelry. Also I have been looking forward to seeing your new house! Love how relatable and down to earth and functional your style is while still looking beautiful.

    1. I was just going to say the same thing! Love that your closet is intentional as well as relatable and realistic for lots of families and homes – and still SO lovely. So often I see things on social media that I love but are just not at all within the realm of possibility for our home or budget – things like this inspire me to keep dreaming! Thanks for sharing!

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