A Love Letter to Hey June Jewelry

A few years ago, a couple of my friends started RAVING about Hey June jewelry.

I’m a little slow on the uptake, so it took me a couple of years to finally place an order (don’t make my mistake!) and now I’m equally gushy about them.

hey june

Here are a few reasons I love Hey June jewelry:

  • It’s so beautiful! I love the minimalist and delicate designs AND that it’s also fun!
  • Hey June jewelry is so affordable – I literally have no idea how it’s possible to make such lovely pieces with gold and silver filled materials (meaning it’s not plated jewelry where the top layer can eventually wear off).
  • It’s a woman/mom-owned business – I love seeing and supporting women who are going after their dreams and I’m so inspired by Bonnie’s work to support her family as a single mom.

hey june jewelry

These are my favorite Hey June jewelry pieces: 

  • Rectangle Huggies. These are my most worn earrings – they’re the perfect mix between subtle and fun and I wear them almost daily. They go with EVERYTHING! And because they’re huggies, they’re not open in the back, so they don’t catch on anything and they’re really comfortable.
  • Croissant Huggies. These are my second most-worn pair of earrings and I reach for these whenever I want something smaller and more subtle. They’re small and comfortable enough to sleep, shower, or work out in but the croissant design gives them a little something special.
  • Hexagon Huggies. For something just a little different but easy to wear, I love these hexagon huggies!
  • Mama Antonia Bracelet. I love this bracelet! They give the look of permanent jewelry because you choose your perfect size, so you don’t have any hanging tails, but you can take them on and off. And because they’re the perfect size with no extra tail, they don’t catch on things or get tangled up – I put mine on when I first got it a few months ago and haven’t taken it off since!
  • Brene Necklace. Oh dang, I’m obsessed with this necklace. The perfect minimalist and statement jewelry piece all in one.

hey june jewelry

A few things on my Hey June wish list:

  • Zelda Bracelet. I’ve loved my Mama Antonia bracelet so much that I want to add another one!
  • Backdrop Earrings. How fun are these earrings? I love the simple front and then the chain on the back.
  • Portia Necklace. This delicate necklace is perfect for every day and I’d probably never take it off!
  • Thick Hammered Hoop. I love a fun earring that isn’t too flashy and this one looks perfect!
  • Zelda Ring. This ring is the perfect simple but fun ring for every day.

hey june

What’s that, you ask? Do I have a Hey June coupon code? You bet I do! Use JANSSEN for 15% off!

Have you tried Hey June jewelry? I’d love to hear your favorites! And if you have any questions, let me know and I’m happy to try to answer!

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  1. Big Hey June fan here too! I have an earring addiction 🤣 I wear my thickie Huggies almost daily, and I also love my white rectangle Huggies, constellation screw backs (any screw backs are great!) and the new color line is SO cute!

  2. I have the hexagon huggies. And they are great! Since I am semi local, she is around at events during the year. I love stopping by and picking up a few things. Usually given away. But totally worth it!

  3. Loving Hey June too! Just a heads up, if you get a second bracelet, get a larger size so one moves up your arm. I got two of the same size and they just get tangled together :{ Gotta get me some huggies now!

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