11 Winter Essentials I Love

Last year’s winter was so long and cold that I couldn’t even let myself think about winter until about five minutes ago.

But like it or not, winter is back and I’m always on the lookout for things that help me embrace the season, even if it’s my least favorite season!

I did a Summer Essentials post this year and then a Fall Essentials post, so it’s clearly time for a Winter edition!

Here are eleven things I’m reaching for all winter long!

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11 Favorite Winter Essentials

space heaterSPACE HEATER
We have three of these in our house and they SAVE winter since our house is nearly 70 years old and the heating is very inconsistent across rooms. I have one in my office and we keep one in our bedroom that we run for a few hours between getting ready for bed and actually going to bed. I love them so so much!



chelsea bootsCHELSEA BOOTS
These are my most worn shoes in the winter – I bought them with my birthday money over two years ago and they still look basically brand new even after two years of constant wear. They’re easy to dress up or down and really comfy after a couple of wears.




warm slippersWARM SLIPPERS
I wear slippers year round in the house and once the cold weather rolls in, I pull out the serious slippers. They are so warm and just the absolute best (when I eventually need to replace them, which at this rate will probably be in a decade – they last FOREVER – I’ll probably do this style instead so I don’t have to deal with the laces coming untied. Last winter, I just pulled the laces out of mine and that’s been WAY better).


Nike Pegasus Trail 4 GORE-TEX Women's Waterproof Trail Running ShoesWATERPROOF RUNNING SHOES
I bought these shoes last year and they were SO GREAT all winter long when I was finally learning to run. I just pulled them back out a few weeks ago and they are just the best for winter running when it’s wet or slippery outside. (Bart has them too – in fact, his huge love for the men’s version was what inspired me to buy my own pair!).



thermal leggingsTHERMAL LEGGINGS
I have 4-5 pairs of these and I wear them for every ski day, every outdoor run, and any time I’m doing anything athletic outside. I love the fit (they run true to size) and the pockets and the fun colors! My code is JANSSEN if you’re a first time buyer!



facial sunscreenFACIAL SUNSCREEN
This was on my summer essentials list too, but I wear it year round and it’s just as important in the winter! I’ve long loved the regular version but this year I switched to the tinted version and I love it even more – it’s perfect when you aren’t wearing any makeup and still want a little color and glow, and I wear it every day under my normal makeup. Use the code EVERYDAYREADING for 15% off.


winter comforterWINTER COMFORTER
We’ve had the all-season comforter for the last year and it’s AMAZING, but this winter we got the Ultra-Warm one and DANG it’s amazing when it is chilly. I was worried it’d be too hot since I’m a hot sleeper, but it’s been ideal. I think Bart and I comment on it every single night.




This summer, I wore more non-jean pants than I have in my entire life and it was a fun change! But now that cold weather is back, I’m back to my beloved jeans and these are my most worn pair. I have them in black/gray and also blue and I love them so much (mine are both a petite length).

I bought this in October and I have worn it every single week since then. It’s my #1 favorite top in my closet, comes in a million colors (I have black), and it goes with everything. I put a second one on my Christmas wishlist! I sized down to an XXS and it’s perfect.


madewell coatMADEWELL COAT
I rented this coat last winter from Rent the Runway and loved it so much that this fall I bought it (apparently you don’t need an active membership to buy Rent the Runway items – as long as you have a free account, you can make a purchase!). I bought this $300 coat for $66 and I love it – it dresses up or down so nicely and it’s the coat I reach for 90% of the time! This coat is similar.




Amazon.com: DIME Beauty Blue Facial Oil, Blemish Spot Treatment with Blue Tansy Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Grapeseed Oil, 1 oz / 30 mL : Beauty & Personal Care

I use this magical oil on my face nearly every night in the winter after my moisturizer and it makes the biggest difference in helping prevent breakouts and also keeping my skin hydrated (I have very dry skin!). Use the code BRADSHAW20



What other winter essentials would you add to the list?


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  1. Great list! You’ve probably written about this but what moisturizers do you use on your face for day/evening?

  2. We splurged this year and bought Schoolhouse flannel sheets—they are DREAMY!! So warm, cozy, and smooth for our cold, rainy northwest winters!

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