This is the #1 thing that improved our winters

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Last year for Christmas, Bart gave me a space heater.

This may not sounds like the most romantic gift in the world, but I used it every single day of the winter and it made last year’s (VERY LONG) winter a thousand times more bearable.

(Also, I’m very practical and a gift that I’ll use daily and that makes my life better beats out basically any other type of gift for me).

We actually already owned two of these space heaters.

Our new-to-us house is nearly 70 years old and has several additions done over the years which means that the heating and cooling can be dicey in some spots.

Our bedroom is definitely one of them and we bought one of these space heaters our first winter in this house because it was absolutely frigid in our room (and turning up the heat enough to keep our room comfortable meant it was an absolute SAUNA in our girls’ rooms).

Every night, when we get ready for bed, we turn on the space heater and then by the time we actually get into bed an hour or so later, it’s nice and warm in our room and we run it until we turn out the lights and go to bed.

The second one lives in Bart’s office because it’s another cold spot (and also Bart gets cold easily) and the one Bart got for me is for my office.

I can’t tell you how much better it is to work at my desk when my fingers aren’t slightly stiff with cold (this literally was happening every single day our first winter in this house) and instead to feel cozy and warm.

I love that you set the temperature you want and when it reaches that temperature it turns off and then restarts if the temperature starts to drop.

We have the bigger version which is currently $32 off AND there is a smaller version which is normally $89.99 but is FIFTY TWO DOLLARS OFF right now at Walmart, making it $37.99.

And I’m not the only one who loves these space heaters – this one has 575 reviews on Walmart with an average rating of FIVE STARS.

When Walmart kicked off their holiday deals last week, I mentioned this space heater and it was my second biggest seller. for the week (just behind this $10 sweater that my mom wore in Paris that I got a million questions about and she kindly shared the link – I guess she’s the real influencer!).

I’m so glad it’s still on sale because the weather is just getting cooler and knowing I won’t be freezing all winter long goes a long way to help me feel more okay about the onset of winter!

And if you’re freezing all winter long, I highly recommend you grab a space heater (or two!) while they’re on sale – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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  1. My husband’s office is in our basement and (because our house is super old) there’s a fireplace down there but sadly it’s not functional. Last winter I got him an electric fireplace insert (throws real heat and looks like a fire) and it’s been so great! It’s not exactly like the real thing but it is pretty and warm.

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