A Weekend of Book Deals for the Middle of May

Happy Saturday!

This has been a big week with the release of the 2024 Summer Reading Guide (thank you for all your enthusiasm about it – it’s been such a delight to work on for the past many months!).

Also, don’t miss the current deal for Kindle Unlimited going on right now – 3 months for FREE!

Nancy Drew The Secret of Shadow Ranch (Book 5) by Carolyn Keene – ebook – $1.99
Ella got hooked on the Nancy Drew series, reading them on her new Kindle and then she discovered we had a whole set of them on my bookshelf. I grew up with Nancy Drew (my mom bought a huge set of the original yellow hardcovers from a friend for $5 or $10!). If you have a Nancy Drew aficionado, there are a handful of others books in the series that are on sale – Book #38: The Mystery of the Fire Dragon, Book #59: The Secret in the Old Lace, Book #62: The Kachina Doll Mystery, Book #110 – The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery, Book #119: The Mystery of the Missing Mascot


Die with zeroDie With Zero by Bill Perkins – audiobook – $4.99
This is the May book for Everyday Reading Book Club, so if you haven’t snagged it yet, this is a great deal! And if you would like to join in with us, it’s not too late! This is a money book like no other. It’s been such a fascinating and useful way to think about how I spend my life and what I want out of the money I make. It feels like one of those books that almost everyone would get something out of!



albert einstein was a dopeAlbert Einstein Was a Dope? Wait! What?: Book #1 by Dan Gutman – audiobook – $3.99
Dan Gutman is known for his wildly popular Wayside School series, but in this 7 book series following historical figures, he reveals some of the most surprising and unusual facts about each (specifically Albert Einstein in this one). And only with Dan Gutman humor, of course! (this one is a Libro.FM deal so you can use it to make a Yoto card!).


first lie wins bookFirst Lie Wins by Ashley Elston – hardcover – $14.00 (or ebook for $7.99)
This is one of my page-turner picks for the 2024 Summer Reading Guide, and it will be one you won’t want to put down! Evie Porter’s life looks pretty perfect and now her perfect boyfriend has just asked her to move in with him to his perfect house. The only catch is . . . Evie Porter doesn’t really exist. Working under the alias of Evie Porter, Lucca Marino knows that her ‘boyfriend’ Ryan is the mark and she’s just waiting to find out what the actual job is. While she is waiting to receive more instructions, she is introduced to Ryan’s close friend’s girlfriend, Lucca Marino. If it sounds trippy, it’s because it is. This book is full of twists and turns! (If you haven’t already downloaded the 2024 Summer Reading Guide, it is FULL of more fantastic books!)


scarcity brainScarcity Brain: Fix Your Craving Mindset and Rewire Your Habits to Thrive with Enough by Michael Easter – ebook – $1.99
His book the The Comfort Crisis really made me think. And, I’ve really been thinking about this topic of scarcity A LOT this year, whether it be time scarcity, or money scarcity. In this nonfiction book, Easter talks all about why we are always striving for more, despite living in a world of abundance.



american wolfAmerican Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West by Nate Blakeslee – ebook – $4.99
O-Six is the alpha female in a pack of wolves living in Yellowstone National Park and this is her story – which also includes the wolf reclamation project. All viewpoints of this heated topic are presented including the ranchers, the hunters, and those that love wolves. When I did my post about books for couples to enjoy together, this one came up SO MANY times.




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