Reading Schedule for Die with Zero

IT’S JUST ABOUT TIME FOR may’S BOOK: Die with Zero by Bill Perkins

Each Wednesday, starting on May 1st, I’ll be chatting about one section of the book on InstaStories and then saving them all to a highlight so you can visit them whenever you’re ready.

Here’s what the May reading/discussion schedule looks like:

  • May 1: Pages 1-37 (Chapters 1-2)
  • May 8: Pages 39-101 (Chapters 3-5)
  • May 15: Pages 103-147 (Chapters 6-7)
  • May 22: Pages 149-192 (Chapter 8 – Conclusion)

Grab a copy – I have a whole list of places to get a copy for free or super cheap here – and get ready to dive in!

I’m so delighted that you’re part of the Everyday Reading Book Club!

Happy reading,


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