4 Favorite Things for June

June has been an absolute whirlwind at our house!

We’ve had swim team for three of my girls, two Grancie Camps, 5th grade mountain camp, a family reunion, youth conference for Ella, and now this week Girls Camp for both Ella and Ani.

I’m crossing my fingers that July will feel a little less hectic!

Here are four things I’m loving right now:

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June 2024 Favorites

Air Essentials Crew Neck Sweatshirt

AirEssentials Sweatshirt
I’ve heard RAVES about the AirEssentials line from Spanx for years and I finally ordered a white sweatshirt a few weeks ago. It lives UP to the hype and I’ve been wearing it nonstop, especially at the lake or up in the mountains on cool mornings and evenings. My code is JANSSENXSPANX for 10% off and free shipping. (P.S. Spanx has a huge summer sale going on right now with tons of stuff 50% or more off! My code doesn’t stack on the sale items, but the prices are so good!).

Walmart Sunglasses

$13 Sunglasses
I bought these sunglasses several months ago and they’ve become the ones I reach for almost every single day! They are nice and sturdy, fun without being over the top, and stay on for runs and pickleball. I’m a huge fan!

Sriracha Honey

Sriracha Honey
I bought this on a whim on a grocery order a few weeks ago and I’m HOOKED. I put it on my breakfast every single morning (this is my daily breakfast) and it adds a little sweet and spiciness that I love. (Ella grabbed it by accident and put it in her Cream of Wheat earlier this week, thinking it was regular honey and she did NOT love that!).

Geometry Beach Towels

Geometry Beach Towels
We do a LOT of swimming in the summer – the lake, swim team, and the water park – so I have OPINIONS about towels and our very favorites are the Geometry ones because they dry so quickly, have such cute patterns, and roll up so small. Use my code JANSSEN15 (my code is good for 15% off but starting Sunday, it’ll be good for 35% off!).

And here are my team’s picks!


super slide carrying case

Super Slide Carrying Case
We got my son this Super Slide game for Christmas and everyone has LOVED it! The kids especially love bringing it in the car. However, it did become really cumbersome when left on a seat, tipped over and then left me fishing for the pieces in the depths of our van. Also, we had the box it came with the extra pieces in floating around our house. (Not proud to admit this has been going on since December). The carrying case has solved all of those problems and my sisters each bought one too after I told them about it. Worth every penny!


Target Slides
I bought these slides from Target about a week ago to use as summer slippers/ house shoes. They are so comfortable and offer good support. My almost nine month pregnant self is really loving the added cushion and comfort while walking around my house!


Ribbed Tank Top
We have been going through a major heat wave, and I’ve been wearing these basic ribbed tank tops on repeat. I have several colors and the ones that I have had for a few years have held up great, especially at the price point of $8!

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  1. I just used your code on the SPANX website – and it stacked on the sale items 🙂 I thought I’d try it just in case and it worked!

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