Book Deals for the Last Week of June

This is a GREAT weekend for book deals!

Not only are there are a lot of specific titles on sale, but there are also three big sales going on you won’t want to miss:

  1. The Audible Prime Day Deal: Three free months of Audible? SIGN ME UP. You can grab that deal here.
  2. Libro.FM’s 3 for 1 audiobook deal: For the next two days, you can sign up for a Libro.FM membership (similar to Audible) and get 3 book credits instead of the normal one. I especially love Libro.FM because it’s great for making your own Yoto cards!
  3. Libro.FM’s kid audiobook sale. This ends on Sunday night and there are hundreds of kids audiobooks on sale for as little as 99 cents. This is the time to stock up and make your own Yoto cards! (My picks from the sale here!).

And here are some book deals going on right now!

All Creatures great and small

All Creatures Great and Small: The Warm and Joyful Memoirs of the World’s Most Beloved Animal Doctor by James Herriot – audiobook
You cannot go wrong with a James Herriot book, a country vet in England who spends his days caring for farm animals and house pets after WWI. These books are sweet and funny and just right for snuggling up with (bonus: watch the very excellent PBS Masterpiece series after you’re done).

the blonde identity

The Blonde Identity by Ally Carter – audiobook
This is one of my picks for the 2024 Everyday Reading Summer Reading Guide and I FLEW through it! It’s funny, romantic and just dang fun. I have to say, it’s a perfect summer listen. Since this is a Chirp audiobook, there is no membership or subscription required – just buy and listen!

my fathers dragon

My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett – audiobook
I have to admit this one is not my favorite (I didn’t read it until I read it aloud to Ella and I found it SO PAINFULLY BORING), but I’m including it here because it’s a total classic and many many people are rabid fans.

The Train to Impossible Places: A Cursed Delivery by P. G. Bell – audiobook
There is no shortage of imagination and endless adventure in this middle grade novel. When Suzy is startled awake as the “Train to Impossible Places” makes a stop through her house, she joins the trains troll crew on an adventure that will change her life forever.

City Spies by James Ponti – audiobook
City Spies is the story of five kids from all over the world brought together to operate out of a secret MI6 base in Scotland, working on cases that adults can’t get anywhere near. It’s clever and funny and fast-paced and a total kid pleaser. This is the first in the series which currently has 5 books. (This one is a Libro.FM deal so you can use it to make a Yoto card!).

faking christmas book

Faking Christmas by Cindy Steel – audiobook
I blew through this one in a day and it’s a total delight. Olive and Miles are both high school English teachers and she cannot stand him – he’s stolen her title as most popular teacher and makes her work life nearly unbearable. But then, of course, the need for a fake boyfriend comes up and she uses his name to get her mom and sister to back off of setting her up with her ex-boyfriend during the holidays. Which would be fine until the REAL Miles shows up for the holiday celebrations. This one doesn’t go past kissing, so if that’s your speed, this book is perfect (and A+ for witty banter and lots of chemistry!).

Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly ebook
This one about three separate women with interwoven lives during World War II has been on my TBR list for years. With it on sale and a summer break in full swing, this might be my chance to read it!


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