11 Things to Know About the Audible 3 Free Months Deal

Audible just launched their best ever deal (three free months of Audible!) and I don’t want anyone to miss out on three free months of audiobooks!

I mentioned this deal yesterday on Instagram and I’ve gotten LOTS of questions about it and I want to put those answers all in one place.

Here are the top eleven questions I’ve gotten about Audible:

11 Things to Know About the Audible 3 Free Months Deal

  1. Do you have to be a Prime member to get this deal? Yes. This Audible deal is a deal for Prime members so you have to be a Prime member to get this offer. If you’re not currently a Prime member, you can do a free 30 day trial here and then cancel it immediately.
  2. How does this compare to other Audible deals? This is a top shelf Audible deal. For reference the usual deal is 30 days free and last year’s Black Friday sale was 4 months at $5.95/month. So three free months is pretty much the best deal I’ve ever seen them offer.
  3. What if I’m already an Audible member? Anything for me? Unfortunately no. . . . but it might be worth reaching out to customer service and see if they’ll honor it for you as a loyal member or give you some sort of deal. No guarantee but I have heard from MANY people who have gotten a month or two free or a discount of some sort. If you have five minutes, it may be worth it to you. OR go to cancel your account and they’ll almost certainly offer you a much better deal to stay (I did this in the fall and got a year for about $7 a month).
  4. What exactly am I getting with this Audible deal? You’ll get three months of Audible Premium Plus, which means you’ll have access for those three months to the full Audible Plus catalog (books that you can listen to without using a credit) AND you’ll get a credit each month that you can spend on any book in the Audible catalog and then you’ll own it forever. You’ll also be able to take advantage of Audible sales where they have audiobooks on sale for $5-7 each.
  5. Why would I even want Audible when my library already has audiobooks for free? This question comes up a lot and if Audible isn’t for you, I totally get it! Audible is great for when you need a book on a specific timeline (say, book club or a holiday title) and you don’t want to wait in a forever long hold line. It’s also great for books you’d like to revisit or have your kids listen to often (many people use their credits to buy the Harry Potter audiobooks so they can listen to those any time they want). So even if you don’t plan to use it long term, it’s a great way to grab the audiobooks you want to own without being at the mercy of your library hold lines or availability.
  6. How do I find the Audible Plus titles? When you open the Audible app, click Discover at the bottom, then hit the “Audible Plus” button and you’ll see all the included books divided by genre/category. (I also have a list of favorite Audible Plus titles here).
  7. Can I cancel after the free three months? Yes! There is no obligation to stay on past the free three months. I’d set a calendar alert to cancel or you’ll get an email each month saying your new credit is available and when you get that email in April, you can use that to remind you to cancel!
  8. If I cancel, will I keep my audiobooks I ordered with my credits? Yes! Anything you’ve purchased with a credit or cash is yours forever, even if you cancel. It’ll always be in your Audible account and in the Audible app (which is free!).
  9. If I cancel, will I still have access to the Audible Plus titles I’ve downloaded? No – the Audible Plus catalog is like Netflix. Once you’re not a subscriber anymore, you won’t have access to those books (but as mentioned above, you WILL keep anything you spent a credit on).
  10. What if I cancel without spending my credits? Don’t do this! You’ll lose those credits, so make sure you spend them before your free three months ends or they’ll just go to waste.
  11. Does an Audible membership give me access to Kindle books too? No – Audible and Kindle Unlimited are two separate subscriptions (I have both!). Audible is for audiobooks and Kindle Unlimited is for ebooks (although it does have a selection of audiobooks too).

Any other questions you want answered about Audible or this Audible sale? Leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them before the sale ends!

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  1. I clicked on the link I received on email, and purchased the trial on another account that I received the email.
    How do I know if got the three months free or just the standard one month?

  2. I got the 3 month free trial sometime in March 2024 but I didn’t write the exact date down. How do I find that date?

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