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25+ Books to Read If You Like Warrior Cats

The Warrior Cat series is one of those book concepts where you think “I can’t believe someone thought this would be a good book plot.” And then it works better than you ever could have imagined (I have the same feelings about VeggieTales, which I grew up with and find hilariously wonderful).

If you have a reader who loves the Warrior Cat books and is looking for a next book or series to pick up, try one of these!

warrior cats books

books like warrior cats books

redwallRedwall by Briann Jacques
This was one of my very favorite series as a child – I’m pretty sure I read a couple of the books at least five or six times. I still have all my original copies (many with the covers totally worn off) and I love them dearly. If your child loves the idea of animals at war, this is a great readalike series to Warrior Cats!




The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann
The book starts on the day of the sorting and Alex knows he’ll be an Unwanted, because of his interest in creative endeavors. He’s already been reported for a number of infractions, including scratching images in the dirt with a stick, so it’s no surprise to him when he’s named as one who will be sent to die in the Lake of Boiling Oil. (Full review here)



fablehaven bookFablehaven by Brandon Mull
This is a great series about two kids, Seth and Kendra Sorensen who go to spend a few weeks with their grandparents on their very remote property. It doesn’t take them long to figure out not everything is as it appears. The butterflies and dragonflies in the garden are actually fairies! That is only the beginning of the magical creatures that inhabit Fablehaven. These have been wildly popular in our house this year. (Full review here)



Gregor The OverlanderGregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins
From the beloved author of The Hunger Games – before there was Katniss there was Gregor. Bart sped through this entire middle-grade series in a few weeks on audio. It’s not at Hunger Games level, but it can be a little intense. If you have easily scared kids, you might want to wait until they’re a bit on the older end of middle grade.



the sisters grimm bookThe Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley
I first heard about this series nearly a decade ago from my mother-in-law who read it with one of my nieces. Two orphaned sisters are sent to live with their grandmother (who they didn’t even know existed) in a strange little town called Ferryport Landing. When they arrive they soon learn that they have descended from the Brothers Grimm and the book of fairy tales those brothers wrote? Is actually history. And as one fairy tale mystery after another pops up in their town, it’s up to the sisters to solve the mysteries. This series is just DANG fun, with all the characters from every fairy tale you know popping up. The question is, who can they trust and who is trying to take them down?


Keeper of the Lost CitiesKeeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger
Ella come home from school saying one of her friends was raving about this series. Happily, I happened to have a copy and Ella devoured this book about Sophie doesn’t fit in at school or in her family, in part because she can read minds. Then she meets a boy who has the same powers she does and it turns out there are a lot of secrets about herself and the world around her that she doesn’t know. But she’s going to find out pretty quickly! Now everyone in our family has read all or most of this series and it’s absolutely beloved around here. 

eragon bookEragon Series by Christopher Paolini
After finding out his destiny of a Dragon Rider, teenage Eragon and his loyal dragon must navigate a dangerous world of magic and power as they struggle to overthrow the evil King Galbatorix. Bart read this whole series years ago when it came out and it’s been fun to see my kids enjoy it now!



Dragon SlippersDragon Slippers by Jessica Day George
After being orphaned Creel’s aunt tries to sacrifice her to the local dragon, instead, Creel befriends him and unknowingly inherits an object that will either save or destroy the kingdom. My girls LOVE Jessica Day George’s books!




paxPax series by Sara Pennypacker
This book got ALL the awards – National Book Award finalist, Amazon Best Book of the Year, etc – about Pax, a young fox rescued by Peter. They’ve been inseparable but now Peter’s dad is joining the military and insists that Peter release Pax into the wild. Once Peter is settled in his grandfather’s house, hundreds of miles from. his home, he’s going to do everything he can to find his beloved fox. 


amulet bookAmulet by Kazu Kibuishi
When Emily and Navin move into their great-grandfather’s house and find a mysterious door, everything turns on it’s head. With a plot full of magic and adventure, follow Emily and Navin through this new world as they try to find and save their mother.



the 39 clues book39 Clue series by Rick Riordan & Various Authors
Grace Cahill, the last matriarch of the world’s most powerful family, is on her deathbed and makes a quick decision to change her will. Those inheriting anything have to choose between taking a clue or one million dollars. The 39 clues are hidden around the world to reveal the family’s secret to their source of power. Can Dan and Amy put all of the clues together or will they abandon the mission completely to discover what happened to their parents? This series has each book written by a different popular author.



spirit animals bookSpirit Animals by Brandon Mull
This fantasy book series has seven books (each written by a different well-known children’s fantasy author), so they’ll keep you busy for a nice long time. During their separate summoning ceremonies, four children from different countries summon their own spirit animals. But these are not just any spirit animals, they are the Four Fallen – great beasts who died in a terrible war years before. Now it’s up to the four children and four animals to fight back against the coming darkness.


Ranger's ApprenticeRanger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan
Fifteen year old Will has been chosen as a ranger’s apprentice. The Rangers practice magic that makes them invisible so they can protect the kingdom. Their enemy Morgarath is gathering power and his dark forces are soon going to need to be challenged. Bart blew through this whole series recently too!



The titles above are all ones our family has read and loved – the ones below are books that my Instagram community recommended as Warrior Cats readalikes if you want more ideas!


Wings of FireWings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland
This new middle grade fantasy fiction is a gripping tale about seven dragon tribes that have been at war for generations. A plot is hatched to finally bring an end to the fighting but the five dragonets that are at the heart have a different plan. This series is WILDLY popular! (If you want more readalikes for Wings of Fire, I have a whole list here!). 


WingfeatherThe Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson
The three gifted Igiby siblings pull together their smarts, heart, and courage to defeat the evil Fangs of Dang who have crossed the dark sea to rule the land with malice.


green ember bookThe Green Ember by S. D. Smith and Zach Franzen
This series takes a fun spin on a fantastical story with lead characters Heather and Picket rabbit. They make their way through a land filled with kingdoms, tyrants, and ultimately prove that good conquers evil in the end. This is the first book in a great series!



SurvivorsSurvivor series by Erin Hunter
After a devastating earthquake, Lucky’s world changes forever. In the past he has always been a Lone Dog, but now he needs a Pack. Good thing too, because even with all their skills and smarts it will be a struggle for survival.



BravelandsBravelands by Erin Hunter
This series is quite a bit different than the Warriors and Survivors series. It focuses on a young lion cub (Fearless) trying to escape his pride, a brave baboon (Thorn) who is always unsettled, and a young elephant (Skye) whose wise grandmother is the leader of all the animals in the African Plains they call the Bravelands.



SeekersSeeker Series by Erin Hunter
A polar bear, a black bear, and a grizzly bear from different backgrounds embark on the quest of a lifetime. After the young bears are separated from their families they search for a safe haven, but the journey there will be hard and long. Will they make it?



Ranger in TimeRanger in Time Series by Kate Messner
Ranger is a trained search and rescue dog, but when he can’t pass the test to become an official search and rescue dog, he still finds a way to save the day – by time traveling! This is a fun historical fiction book with a brave golden retriever.



Going WildGoing Wild by Lisa McMann
Charlie receives a mysterious bracelet in the mail, and of course, she is going to put it on immediately. This bracelet comes with incredibly special powers like healing, strength, speed, and even echolocation. She also isn’t aware that the villains who created the bracelet will be after her, since it wasn’t intended for her. But when she can’t get the bracelet off her arm, she is going to be sucked into an adventure of a lifetime…with her friends in tow.


JinxedJinxed Series by Amy McCulloch
At 12 years old, Lacey Chu’s biggest dream is to work for MONCHA Corp, a large tech firm that makes digital pets called Baku. When Lacey’s future is in jeopardy when she doesn’t get into the MONCHA feeder school, Profectus Academy. While she is feeling down about her luck, she finds a damaged Baku (a digital cat named Jinx) and after fixing it, somehow finds herself a spot at Profectus. But things aren’t as they seem, as Lacey gets involved in the school and learns more about Jinx – this little cat is part of a dangerous secret.


Legend of the GuardiansLegend of the Guardians by Kathryn Lasky
Now with an animated movie based off of it, this is the story of Soren, Gylfie, Twilight and Digger as they seek the truth, reunite with their families and protect the owl world from danger.




Belly UpFunJungle series by Stuart Gibbs
Twelve year old Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt Fitzroy and his friend Summer McCraken put their heads together to solve the hippo homicide at the FunJungle. Will they crack the case and bring justice to Henry the hippo?



CatwingsCatwings by Ursula le Guin
Cats with wings!? These four kittens were able to fly away from the big city slums where they were born and ended up in the country with Mrs. Jane Tabby. Country life turns out to be more difficult than they expected.



the wild onesThe Wild Ones by C. Alexander London
Kit is a young raccoon forced to leave his home after losing his parents in a seemingly random attack. As he struggles to survive in a new city, he learns about the turf war between the wild animals (The Wild Ones) and the pets (The Flealess). This is a fantastic story of animals struggling for control of the city.




time cat bookTime Cat by Lloyd Alexander
Gareth is a cat, and not just any old cat – he is a time traveling talking cat! He takes his owner Jason with him on adventures around the world and through time to show him how cats were treated throughout the ages.



https://amzn.to/3PwaMxNHis Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman
3 book series
The Golden Compass is the story of Lyra and her dæmon and their journey to the cold, far North. It’s full of plenty of mystery and suspense.





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  1. “‘I can’t believe someone thought this would be a good book plot.’ And then it works better than you ever could have imagined (I have the same feelings about VeggieTales.)”

    Excuse me? What a horrible and rude way to start an article. I don’t think any series would like that said about their book. I just can’t believe it. Although Warriors isn’t the most realistic, and obviously neither is Veggie Tales, Warriors still deals with real and important topics for any age. It’s also not based in complete fiction, since cat colonies actually exist much for the same reasons.

    Independent creatures settling in one place together for food, protection, and other resources. It also discusses important themes of culture, survival, misunderstandings, consequences, troubles of leadership, hard choices, group dynamics and more.

    It’s hard to trust the words of an article that starts by completely insulting two series loved by a variety of people.

    1. I like both Warriors and VeggieTales – they’re both wild concepts that were pulled off with great success and that’s part of the fun of them.

      I’m also weirdly delighted by you using the words “horrible and rude” about my writing . . . which is kind of rude. The irony is just making my whole day.

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