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10+ Books to Read If You Liked Dragon Masters

Two summers ago, my four children discovered Dragon Masters (the whole series is included on Scribd!) and they listened to the whole series on repeat for weeks on end.

It’s such a delightful series – perfect for kids just starting to enjoy longer books (each book clocks in at at just under 100 pages or an hour on audio) and it’s continued to be beloved at our home ever since.

If you have a child who loves the Dragon Masters books, here are some other books they might enjoy too!

dragon masters

books to read if you liked dragon master series

The Last FirehawkThe Last Firehawk by Katrina Charman, illustrated by Jeremy Norton
This series is full of magic and fantasy! With a great story line and text to keep your little one engaged, this is a great series to start if you have an adventure lover.



The Kingdom of WrenlyThe Kingdom of Wrenly by Jordan Quinn, illustrated by Robert McPhillips
If your child loves a fantasy series, this is a winner. Lucas, the prince, becomes friends with Clara, the daughter of the queen’s seamstress, and together, they explore the kingdom having all sorts of adventures.



Henry HecklebeckHenry Heckelbeck Gets a Dragon by Wanda Coven, illustrated by Priscilla Burris 
Henry’s mom and older sister, Heidi, are magic, but he’s just a normal kid. Or is he? This sweet and funny series has fairly large text and lots of illustrations. (P.S. There is a companion series, Heidi Heckelbeck, which is equally as charming and fun).


zoey and sassafrass bookZoey and Sassafras by Asia Citro, illustrated by Marion Lindsay
A series with magical animals, science, and mystery? Zoey and her cat sidekick Sassafras help magical animals using science. You will have INSTANT fans of this book series. (We just got the Yoto card collection for this series and my 6 year old has been listening to it on repeat). 



secrets of droon bookSecrets of Droon by Tony Abbott, illustrated by Tim Jessell 
This 35 book series is all about Eric, Julie, and Neal, three kids who discover an enchanted stairway in Eric’s basement that leads them to the magical and troubled world of Droon. Their days in Droon lead them on the greatest adventures!



13th street book13th Street Series by David Bowles, illustrated by Shane Clester
13th Street is not just any old street. It is a strange world filled with some dangerous beasts! When three cousins get lost on 13th Street, will they ever find their way back home? This is such a silly and spooky series that isn’t just for Halloween.



notebook of doom bookNotebook of Doom by Troy Cummings
When Alexander moves to a new town and finds an old notebook with the word “DOOM” on the front, he is in utter shock when that notebook contains top secret information. Top secret information about….MONSTERS!



fantastic frame bookThe Fantastic Frame by Lin Oliver, illustrated by Samantha Kallis
Imagine moving into a new house with a pretty strange things going on next door. And then you find out that the next door neighbor has a magical picture frame where you can enter famous paintings all over the world.



dragon girls bookDragon Girls by Maddy Mara
Dragon girls Azima, Willa, and Naomi find out they have secret abilities. And to protect the Magic Forest from evil, they will need to use their newfound powers. This series does not skimp on adventure or magic! 



beasts of olympusBeast Keeper by Lucy Coats, illustrated by Brett Bean 
This illustrated chapter books series is all about Pandemonius who is in charge of taking care of the magical beasts on Mount Olympus. Did I mention he has the ability communicate with these magical beasts? This one is super funny and full of adventure and perfect for younger readers (they’re each under 150 pages).



the secret rescuers bookThe Secret Rescuers by Paula Harrison, illustrated by Sophy Williams
Tally absolutely loved reading Paula Harrison’s Kitty series with me while the other girls were gone at school. In this delightful series, it is up to a small group of friends to save magical creatures from an evil queen. 



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