The 2014 Summer Reading Guide

Pretty much my favorite thing on earth is a good booklist.

(But then, you know about this about me already).

It only took one person suggesting that I should put together a summer reading guide for me to decide that this was the best idea ever.

For me, the entire point of summer vacation is to read as much as possible. Getting tan (basically impossible for me) and seeing new places are way less important.

So! First ever Summer Reading Guide. Maybe, if you’re very lucky, there will be one next year too.

The 2014 Summer Reading Guide. From chick lit to non-fiction to books to read aloud with your kids, there's something for everyone here!

I’ve done six categories, with five books in each category. I love every single book on this list, and hopefully you’ll be able to find something top-notch to take along with you on vacation (or read on your couch, which is where most of my summer will be spent).

Check out the books, and if you read any of them, let me know what you think!

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  1. Love that you put these lists together, especially the audiobook list! I listed to Unbroken on audiobook at your suggestion earlier this year and loved it!

  2. I just finished rereading Fangirl and Attachments, and they are just as wonderful as I remember. I'm currently reading A Little Bird Told Me, which I'm enjoying. I'm bookmarking the read aloud books, as I'm going to let the boys stay up 1/2 hour later through the summer and hope to fill that extra time with some reading. Thanks!

  3. Open Road Summer was so good! I just finished listening to Dreams of Gods and Monsters too. What a fabulous series.

  4. Sammy's Hill! Now there's a book I haven't thought about in a long time. What a fun read!

    Thanks for the guide.

  5. Even with hundreds of books on my Goodreads to-read shelf, I was the most excited about your post when I opened Feedly this morning. We've found more favorites from your recommendations than any other source. Thanks for creating and sharing your booklist!

  6. Janssen you are the best! I've been thinking about asking you for recommendations but I didn't want to be a pest since I know you are so busy. I can't wait to start reading from this list, as soon as I finish The Fault in Our Stars (finally reading it!)

  7. I've not read any of these YA books. I'm going to check them out. Yesterday I went to our school library and checked out 5 books for the summer. I'm addicted to John Green. I read The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. I checked out An Abundance of Katherines. I am currently reading Birthmarked and its so good that I checked out every other book in the trilogy because I can't imagine finishing and not having the second to pick right up.

  8. I love summer reading lists (almost as much as the millions of "best ofs" that come out in December – those keep me going well through spring). Thanks for putting it together!

  9. Love the list. However, I did get a chuckle when I saw that a couple of these got low star ratings from you on Goodreads. 😉

  10. Oh my gosh I can't even handle so many good recommendations all at once! Ah! (Especially when I don't have a library in English. Thank heaven for kindles – I would seriously die over here without mine.)

  11. Great lists! There are a few that I've already read and loved. Can't wait to start reading all the others! We have such similar taste in books. I'm sure we must have been best friends in another life 🙂

  12. Thank you for all your book suggestions. All the books I have read in the past year have pretty much been because of your suggestion. I am not brave enough just to pick up a book and try it out (I know, lame, right?), so I count on great bloggers like you to send me in the right direction! There hasn't been one book that you have suggested, that I have read, that I didn't end up liking. Reading again has been so enjoyable. Thank you again!

  13. This was needed for me, thank you! I am (I guess "was") an avid reader but have probably finished one book since my second was born. What gives? I think it would be swell if you could also pass along your tricks on how you fit in reading with your two kids. (Meaning a post!) I know you do a lot of audio books, and I did that with Clara but fell off the wagon…

  14. I'm so pleased to see my library has a lot of these audiobooks – I have a looooong commute and am always looking for recommendations. Thank y ou!

  15. Ooh, thanks so much for putting this together! I just graduated from my Master's program and finally have time and energy to read for fun. In the past three weeks, I've already read nearly 2000 pages and LOVING reading for fun again!! I'm in the middle of Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, and it's incredible…

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