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4 Books I’m Reading Right Now (+ picks from my team!)

I’ve been reading up a STORM recently and it’s been so fun. Most of them have been audiobooks (while I do puzzles on my back deck!) but lots of physical books as well.

Really, in the summer, I just want to spend all my time reading!

Here are four books I’m reading right now:

family family

Family Family by Laurie Frankel
This book has been getting SO much hype over the last few months and my library copy finally came up. I’m not very far into this adoption story (about 40 pages) but I’m VERY invested in it! It follows India Allwood who grew up with acting dreams and now is a TV superhero as well as an adoptive mom to 10-year-old twins. But when her new movie – focused on adoption – comes out. . . .well, things are going to get messy!

All Creatures great and small

All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot 
Our family has been watching the PBS show for the last few years (it’s so good!) and one of the books on my summer reading list was to listen to the audiobook version read by Nicholas Ralph who plays James Herriot in the PBS show. I just started listening this week and I can’t get enough (my mom read several of these books aloud to us when I was maybe 12 or 13 and it’s so fun to revisit!).

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
The girls are coming and so much right now that it’s hard for us to do a lot of reading aloud all together or listen to audiobooks that are new to anyone. So we’ve been enjoying listening to the Stephen Fry versions of Harry Potter in the car since all my kids have listened to Harry Potter over the years so they’re able to pop in and out of the storyline without trouble. (And yes, I do think Stephen Fry is a little bit better than Jim Dale!).

A Longtime (and now NFL player) Nemesis by Janette Rallison
I’m a VERY long-time fan of Janette Rallison who writes the best banter and clean romance (both for teens and adults). I read her book A Longtime (and at one point Illegal) Crush about 5 years ago (and laughed/swooned my face off) and then noticed a few weeks ago that there was a companion book AND it was included on Kindle Unlimited. Took me only seconds to snatch that one up!

And here are my team’s picks!


Where the Lost WanderWhere the Lost Wander by Amy Harmon 
This is the third novel I’ve ready by Amy Harmon. I read What the Wind Knows for Everyday Reading Book Club last year and The Outlaw Noble Salt from the Summer Reading Guide this year. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both so I wanted to check out her other novels! This one came highly recommended from a good friend. It’s a historical fiction novel set in the 19th-century American West. The story follows the journey of Naomi May, a young widow traveling with her family on the Oregon Trail in search of a better life. Along the trail, Naomi finds herself drawn to John Lowry, a half-Pawnee tracker with secrets of his own. As they navigate the dangers of frontier life and the complexities of their budding romance, Naomi and John must confront the harsh realities of prejudice, loss, and survival.


The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes
I am a little late to the game on this one, but I really enjoyed this historical fiction novel! I live in Cincinnati, just a river away from Kentucky where this story takes place, so it really drew me in. It follows five Packhorse Librarians (the delivery system for Eleanor Roosevelt’s traveling library program) set in a small Appalachian mining town in Depression-era Kentucky. I listened to this one and the audiobook is fantastic!


darling girls bookDarling Girls by Sally Hepworth
I have read a handful of Sally Hepworth books (The Good Sister and The Mother-in-Law were my favorites) so there wasn’t a chance I was going to miss Darling Girls. This one follows three girls who are pulled back to their childhood foster home after years of being away because human bones were found underneath the foster house. The story jumps back and forth between past and present and leaves you wondering about the bones and whose they could be and so much more. This is a great thrilling, mystery book if you don’t love to be scared!

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  1. I just picked up Where the Wind Blows from the library after finishing The Outlaw Noble Salt last week! Hooray for good books.

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