Sisters Share It All: One Store, Day and Night

I love Old Navy for many many reasons (it’s close to me. It’s inexpensive. There is a fake dog at the entrance which means Ella will happily go any time I want). When Landen suggested we do a little virtual shopping there, I was more than happy to oblige.

I’ve found that doing the 31 for 31 challenge has made me pretty picky about shopping, even when it’s pretend shopping like this. I want items that work by themselves (so no sweaters as the weather gets ridiculously warm here), and also things I can comfortably wear during my daily life which mainly involves sitting at a computer, doing laundry and dishes, and reading stacks of picture books. It took me a while to pick out things that 1) had good reviews 2) were mostly on sale and 3) were things I’d actually wear in my real life.

Also, you might think, “That is a mighty casual date night outfit.” Well, I’m a mighty casual girl. And also I live in Austin, where there is virtually no place you can’t go in jeans. And I really love pants.

[Casual Outfit: Plaid shirt, white shorts, sandals]

I had no intentions of actually buying anything, but then I saw these flat sandals and I’ve been looking for a pair like crazy. And. . .so I ordered them. My willpower is nothing if not astounding. (Shoes? Always my weakness).

(By the way, are you familiar with Ebates? If you sign up for a free account, and then go to a store’s website through the Ebates site,
you get a percentage of your purchase total back. They have tons and tons of stores that participate, and I’ve been using it
for years. It is one of my favorite
things in the world. Right now, you get 14% back from Old Navy
(plus $5, if you’re new to Ebates), so if you decide you absolutely must
purchase something from Old Navy today, it’d definitely be in your best
interest to sign up. Totally helped me justify my sandal purchase. And thus ends my public service announcement for the day).

Merrick and Landen probably picked out much more awesome outfits. Check out their posts:

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  1. Why didn't you write this yesterday. . I always forget about Ebates (how could I? I don't know). But I ordered a bunch from Old Navy just yesterday. 2% back I could deal with not using, but 14? Arghh..

  2. I have those grey date night pants in an olive green and lovelovelove them. They are really comfy but still have a bit of a edge with the zipper details. Also, they gain points for fitting despite being ordered from online (I generally try and avoid buying pants online because of how often the size 6 or 8 I always wear ending up being too tiny).

  3. Excellent choice of sandals! I just got those in brown and yellow and I love them. 🙂

  4. Thanks for that little bit of enabling and sharing about the Ebates deal. I can never have too many skirts, right?

  5. I love Old Navy! It's where pretty much my entire wardrobe comes from. And I have those flat sandals in the neon green color and love them! Hope you like them too. 🙂

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