A Week of Dinner Menus (plus Snacks!)

WEEK OF Nov 3, 2019







  • Date Night



P.S. I do the majority of my grocery shopping through Walmart Grocery Delivery. If you haven’t tried it yet, it is LIFE-CHANGING.


You can see all my weekly menus here!

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    1. Pretty much. And if they don’t, they can eat a banana or apple or slice of whole-grain bread. But I don’t cater our meals to them (they’d eat mac and cheese and ramen every day if it were up to them) and they are all pretty decent eaters that are willing to eat some or most of what I serve.

      I also have chosen not to make food or meals any bit of a power struggle. They can eat what I serve, or they can eat a healthy, easy alternative that they get themselves, but there’s no fighting about it and no requirement to try things or eat a certain amount of bites or have dessert dependent on it (we don’t have desserts most night anyway). We have a few techniques for making it more fun, like letting the girls give star ratings to new dishes – this works really well for my 4 year old.

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