My Favorite Podcasts: A Brief List

Six podcasts you'll definitely want to check out!

I listened to a few podcasts back in 2007, when you had to transfer them from your computer to your iPod before you went to the gym.

Then, when we were in London, I kind of started getting into podcasts again, enjoying the ability to download them straight to my phone instead of the whole transfer business.

I’m still way more of an audiobook listener than a podcast listener, but sometimes a podcast just is exactly the right length and mental concentration level for me while I run errands or work on a project.

I’ll quickly admit that I don’t have a big stockpile of podcasts that I listen to. Some that I used to love, I never listen to anymore and frankly, I think it’s hard for most podcasts to stay really interesting for episode after episode (just me?).

I’m subscribed to about 15 different podcasts, but I really only listen religiously to three of them. The other ones, I catch an episode of here and there as the topics interest me or when I’m out of the other three.

my favorite podcasts

1. Young House Love Has a Podcast
I never really read their blog (a few posts here and there, but never consistently), but somehow I heard about their podcast and started listening when they only had about three episodes and it just charmed the socks off me. It makes me laugh, I think they’re interesting, and I’m obviously way into house projects right now. I would really like to be their neighbors. (Also, I am obsessed with this episode they did about sponsored posts with three other bloggers).

2. Happier
I’m just the biggest Gretchen Rubin fan – in fact, my mom and I went to Seattle in October for their live podcast recording, which was delightful fun and we got to meet her and Elizabeth afterward (I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t take my copies of her books to sign). This one is probably my very favorite podcast – it’s just the kind of thing I really like, with lots of practical advice.

3. What Should I Read Next? 
Obviously this one is on there. I’ll admit that I sometimes get behind on this one because I feel like I need to have a notebook nearby to jot down the books I need to add to my ever-growing to-read list. I’m so impressed by what a wide variety of readers she has on there and how many interesting books they talk about. And I think Anne Bogel is a rockstar interviewer (I was on an early episode last year, which was ridiculously fun).

Other notable ones:

Read-Aloud Revival
I love the variety of topics within reading to your children she covers, and I have lots in her backlog that I’m dying to listen to (The Art of Choosing Books, for instance, or Inspiring Parents in Children’s Literature).

The Simple Show
Travel, Home, and Books? Of course I love this one. She’s switched things up recently, with a co-host for each of those three topics, and I think they have great discussions on all sorts of interesting topics. It just feels like listening to friends chatting. And makes me wish I lived in Austin still.

Elise Gets Crafty
I subscribed to this one AGES ago and didn’t start listening to it until maybe September. But I love all the stories of entrepreneurs and small businesses and bloggers and what works (or doesn’t!) for them. Totally inspiring, fun, and eye-opening.

But really, I want to hear about what podcasts you love. I know there are tons of good ones out there that people love, and I’d like to have some more to listen to, especially as I start doing more running post-baby. Or, you know, while I’m nursing said baby.

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  1. My hubby is a huge podcast lover. When we get in the car together, if I'm not quick enough to turn on the radio, he plugs his phone into the aux plug and listens to a podcast while driving.

    He's political, religious, and health minded, so I'm usually listening to something along the lines of how Trump's election will play out in the Bible, so go ahead and eat that donut!! ??

  2. Have you tried OnBeing with Krista Tippet? It's a fascinating podcast. Occasionally it gets a little too esoteric for my taste but it's generally very relatable. There's also a transcript on the website, which I find helpful for skimming.

  3. I've never tried the Young House Love one, but the other two you mentioned are also the ones I listen to religiously! They are both so good. Besides those, I occasionally catch episodes of The Longest Shortest Time (they have such interesting topics) and The Mother (I went to a Moth show and it was so fun!)

  4. I've been listening to Young House Love for a while now and really like them ! I got kinda bored with Happier but I should give it a try again. I also love Anne Bogel's podcast : I discovered it last year when you were a guest !

    You should give a try to Modern Love : "Modern Love: The Podcast features the popular New York Times column, with readings by notable personalities and updates from the essayists themselves" -> it's really, really good.

    I also like Educate (from APM Reports) : they talk every week about ideas and research in education -> really instructive

  5. I'm a huge fan of podcasts. I love Elise Gets Crafty and have been listening to that for a while. If you like that, you might also like Business with Purpose, from Molly Stillman.

    Here is a list of a few of my favorite podcast episodes:

    I believe you said a while back that you liked Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. She has a podcast I really like called Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert (check out the episode with her and Brene Brown). I LOVE Revisionist History (from Malcolm Gladwell) and How I Built This (from NPR).

    That should keep your list full for a little while. 🙂

  6. You mentioned 4 of my 5 favorites already! I also listen to the Popcast with Knox and Jamie which is just fun and makes me laugh while I work out. Chris Loves Julia is kinda like YHL but I don't enjoy it quiet as much although I have learned things about home decor and style from it. And I listen to From the Front Porch, after hearing her on What Should I Read Next. It's about books and life in the south. I don't listen to every episode of that one (when they review books I'm not interested in I skip) but most episode are pretty enjoyable!

  7. I love podcasts! I think I have very different taste in podcasts, but here's my list: NPR politics, Terrible Thanks for Asking, Death Sex and Money, Criminal, Radiolab and This American Life (of course), and Reply All.

  8. I love RadioLab and How I Built This. I also like the BBC The Food Programe although I don't listen religiously. It's mellow and quiet but very interesting so I have to be in the right mood. I feel the same way about What Should I Read Next. I used to always listen to Happier because I love Gretchen Rubin and I think her and Elizabeth are great but I just got kind of tired of hearing about the four tendencies (I don't believe in them. I know, she would say I'm a questioner). I've found that I really enjoy interview structured podcasts. I used to listen to the Lively Show but wasn't always interested in her interview guests and also got tired of hearing her talk about battling perfectionism/ego and just thought she was inserting herself into the show too much when thst wasn't what I was interested in. I haven't tried any of your noteable mentions so i'm going to have to try them out.

  9. I also love the Popcast with Knox and Jamie! Even episodes on topics that I didn't think I would be interested in end up being completely entertaining and delightful.

  10. I find the Freakonomics podcast is always interesting and thought provoking. It is the only podcast that has kept me interested long term.

  11. The only podcasts I've listened to are the two that you recorded (was it two? I think two…), and I haven't listened since, but I've been meaning to since I really liked them, especially tell me what to read.

  12. Thanks for mentioning The Simple Show. I've been craving more conversational podcasts (like What Should I Read Next?) and I've been listening to episodes all evening while I get little tasks done.

  13. I like Freakonomics. I have mixed feelings about This American Life – I'm not committed to it. I have liked Embedded, Serial, Revisionist History, and Invisibilia are good, but aren't doing episodes right now. I used to really like Longest Shortest Time, but I feel like it isn't as good anymore. Similar with Extraordinary Moms. Maxwell Institute Podcast is hit or miss, but very good when it's a hit. Power of Moms is another hit or miss. I recently started Tell Me Something I Don't Know. I like it because it feels like watching tv. Same with Wait Wait Don't Tell Me – also this one is often super funny. I am in the dilemma right now of I feel like I listen to so many podcasts that I don't have time for audiobooks. But podcasts are definitely easier to listen to as background noise rather than full attention like an audiobook.

  14. 99% Invisible, Unabashedly Obsessed, Midpoint, and My Favorite Murder. Subjects obviously run the gamut. 🙂

  15. I like YHL has a Podcast, The Popcast, Sorta Awesome, and Found. Found starts with something that the host finds (a list, a picture, etc) and goes from there. I also like The Lively Show but find some of her views conflict with my personal religious views.

  16. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. SO SO good- conversational girlfriend interview show that i always come away GLAD that i listened. uplifted and or enlightened.

  17. I'm such a podcast geek. Thanks for posting this, since I've gleaned some new options from the comments. I'll throw out some of my favorites, since Happier and YHL Has a Podcast are two I enjoy a lot right now. Positive Parenting from often has interesting guests (authors of parenting books), although his interviewing style can be off-putting. All The Wonders is a children's book podcast, and I highly recommend the hilarious episode with Adam Rex and Mac Barnett. The Yarn is another good one for children's book author interviews. My favorite podcast, How to do Everything, just ended a few weeks ago, but I am listening to the archives, because it is that entertaining. Note to Self has some thought provoking episodes about technology and humanity, like a recent one about FOMO. I'll add my vote for Freakonomics and How I Built This. Similar to what the other Kim posting above said, I like that with podcasts, I don't have to pay as rapt attention as I do to fully enjoy an audiobook.

  18. Taylor is obsessed with podcasts, we listen to so many. Primarily Radio Lab and Curious Minds. Most of them are really interesting and I've learned all sorts of random things!

  19. Taylor is obsessed with podcasts, we listen to so many. Primarily Radio Lab and Curious Minds. Most of them are really interesting and I've learned all sorts of random things!

  20. Love podcasts! My favourites are Radiolab, Death Sex & Money (Anna is such an AMAZING interviewer!), Note to Self, Reply All, Totally Married, Modern Love, and most recently I just started listening to Terrible Thanks for Asking.

  21. I love podcasts. I just discovered Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History. There are only 10 podcasts in this season but I am hopeful that he will do another season this year. I also enjoy listening to Pop Culture Happy Hour; Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, Stuff You Missed in History Class, The History Chicks, and The Librarian is In.

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