My Very Favorite Lightroom Presets

Ever wondered if a preset will help make your images better? I have a handful of Jess Kettle’s Lightroom presets and absolutely love what they do for my pictures. Use code JANSSEN for 10% off!

Are you familiar with Lightroom presets?

Lightroom is a free mobile app that lets you edit photos (you can upgrade to more features, but the free version has been serving me well for the past three years).

But, of course, it can be tedious to manually edit every photo.

Which is where Lightroom presets come in.

A preset is a set of edits (color, contrast, light, saturation, and more) that you can apply to a photo with one click instead of a dozen or more individual edits.

They make your photos look more professional and also cohesive, which is awesome if you’re posting on Instagram or if you’re printing photos to hang up together.

Some Lightroom presets are pretty garbage-y (remember a few years ago when half the influencers on Instagram had orange skin, courtesy of a bad preset?) but a good preset?

That is GOLD.

I’ve tried dozens of presets over the last few years and far and away my favorites are the Jess Kettle Lightroom Presets.

They may your photos look a thousand times better without looking overly processed – I don’t want my photos to look highly edited. I just want them to look beautiful.

99% of my photos on Instagram are run through her presets and I use them on any photo I’m going to print.

They are just so phenomenally good.

Presets for Lightroom on your phone are different from the ones for a desktop and I’ve only ever used mobile Lightroom presets.

Jess Kettle has two different mobile sets – Classic Color and Modern Color. I own the the Classic Color set (it has 7 different color presets and 1 black and white preset). I’ve never used the black and white preset, but I use 6 of the 7 color presets ALL the time (I rarely use the Marine one).

You can also buy preset bundles if you want more than one set at a discounted price.

They virtually never go on sale (I bought them at full price and have never regretted it for a moment), but I reached out to her and asked if she’d be willing to offer a discount code and she said yes!

You can use the code JANSSEN for 10% off any Jess Kettle presets.

What questions do you have about Lightroom presets? I’m happy to help!

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  1. Just to clarify – is the app I need to download “Adobe Lightroom?” I saw there are a few other apps called “Lightroom Presets” and “Presets for Lightroom.” Looking forward to trying these out!


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