Slowly but surely, dresses are starting to come back into my wardrobe.

Which means that, slowly but surely, nursing is starting to slow down a bit.

All my dresses have been getting lonely. I’m happy to welcome them back with open arms. I’m slowly embracing the midi length and this dress isn’t hurting matters. I also really love that it has a neckline high enough that I don’t have to wear anything under it when I wear it alone, but low enough that I can wear something like this chambray shirt over the top of it without it looking goofy.

(By the way, one of my biggest annoyances in clothing is when they get saggy really fast. I wore this dress twice before I wore it in these photos (and between that second and third wearing, it spent a couple of days crumpled on the floor of my closet because I am occasionally a slob) and the sleeves still held their shape.

This shirt, on the other hand, which had. . .also not been hung up before I wore it here, needed some ironing. A fact I didn’t realize until I’d taken about 30 photos, uploaded them to my computer, and then realized were unusable because all you could see in the photos were the enormous wrinkles across the front).

I know this sounds like I basically get dressed out of a laundry basket, but I promise, my closet is actually pretty tidy. Most of the time.

Dress: c/o Persunmall // Shirt: Kohl’s // Shoes: Kohl’s // Necklace: R-Ki-Tekt


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  1. It's a very cute outfit. I was wondering about your clothing getting "saggy". I know this is probably rude to say, but do you think it's possibly because a lot of them are from Old Navy or Kohl's? I'm not a snob, I shop at stores like that a lot because we don't have a big budget. I just notice that my clothing from there is much lower quality and looses its shape much more quickly than if I bought a quality skirt at say, Nordstrom. An Old Navy clothing article will not last me more than a year or two without looking horribly frumpy, while I still have some nice clothing basics from better stores going on 5-10 years and still looking well.

    1. I do think that's a very likely scenario. I think it also has a lot to do with what material it's made out of (and the lower end stores, of course, are more likely to use the lower-quality fabrics).

  2. Yay for dresses! I envy you. It's so hard for me to find nursing friendly clothing that is also flattering and trendy. (Especially for winter in Minnesota. Layers!? Blah.) The green dress looks lovely on you, and I am a big fan of pairing emerald with leopard.

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